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Free control Kitchen faucet

The remote control for kitchen taps.it is ergonomic design that is pratical and can be applied to a variety of environments.It can be placed anywhere through the magnetic suction within 10 square meters of the kitchen, bibcock, table top, ambry .
When you have greasy hands, hold things in your hands.at this time you have to operate the tap.The kitchen work is not going well.To solve this problem, by setting the water temperature and flow through the handle .the user can control the flow switch by hand, elbow and knee.
The gold indicator ring on the main body is echoed with the remote control. When the handle is turned on, the gold indicator ring appears, and the remote control can control the tap switch at will.
The remote control button presses for spontaneous electricity, it is a unique innovation technology, which has lead the new technology revolution of bath market.
This tap is suitable for users of all ages, including the elderly, children, the disabled, etc, they can place the remote control module,Where it's easier to operate. It shows more humanistic care and social responsibility. At the same time, it can control the flow switch more easily. which can avoid the failure to turn off the tap in time and waste water.

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