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To load products and packages to trucks in land transportation industry, there are many ideas and products in today’s market. The industry and its related ones have invested a lot for making machines like folk lifts, building floors of truck yard higher in order to match truck’s height so that doing cargo handling works in safer environment and become more efficient.

Our product falls into machinery category of those but it could significantly add new ways and change ‘How’, ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘Who’ factors in land transportation.

‘Unloadplus’ is a cargo bed system mounted to trucks and its innovative characteristic is an entire cargo bed moves up and down which is different from existing tail lifters.

It can load 1,000kg with a 2-ton truck at once where a 4-ton truck is required for with existing tail lifter if it does the same. If a large product or package can be loaded to the cargo bed before delivery without using a folk lift or a crane, a driver or a receiver can unload it where those machine are not deployed.

It is developed to reduce the risk of object and workers falling, which is the highest accident caused among industrial accidents in land transportation. It can be produced in many countries with proper installation training, tool and equipment. Its size is not limited to one. Customization and design of some parts is easy in accordance with user’s requirement.

‘Unloadplus’ possibly improves environment who are in the industry and produce “win-win” outcome for business, workforce and consumer.

Coming future of self-driving trucks and aging society, it could provide solutions and play an active part in land transportation and beyond its industry in such an era.

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