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Suning Biu speaers

Little BIU is an artificial intelligence speaker that can play music, voice remote-control appliances, shopping. It is the speaker box, it has music company, smart home, life assistant, suning shopping, etc. It has a lot of audio resources to listen to, and it can be connected by wifi, bluetooth, and dina. It is a voice assistant on standby, and it is a good companion for everyday life.
Its appearance is fruity, give a person comfortable tactility, small can be random and carry, white compact model, also better in your household environment, bring good digital intelligent life experience.
It assistant carrying baidu phonetic system, equipped with high sensitivity to 28 db electret microphone array, and the far field leader American made depth cooperation in the field of voice, using its made Audiio Smart ® voice solution
16-core dual-magnet steel design, with strong magnetic force to drive the speaker unit, the sound has more impact

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