Entry Exhibition

Nature or Nurture

The goal of "Nature or Nurture: a 3D Printed Sapce" was to construct an inviting space combining found materials with new and innovative technologies in order to spark discussion about how new and old can come together in the modern world to create something beautiful and functional. A team of undergraduate and graduate industrial design students from Purdue University worked together over the course of three months to design, build, test, and execute this project. Inspired by the intersection of nature and technology, this project combines Indiana native wood and 3D printed joints with the goal of creating a space that is both surprising and comfortable. The branches are made from several Indiana native wood species, which were harvested from a local forest and recycled. They were treated using the Japanese wood burning treatment, Sho Sugi Ban, which involves removing the bark, burning the wood, and finally sealing it with oil. Incorporating a bit of our home state's heritage along with ancient wood-processing techniques helped convey the traditional, natural side of our exhibition. In stark contrast, we used a new material for all of the joints in the exhibit: 3D printed plastic. We optimized the structure of the joints and their printing process in order to fully utilize the strength of the material. This was done to show how tiny pieces of modern innovation can support and control massive natural structures. Combined with 3D printed lighting and seating elements, we created a cohesive space that could be duplicated anywhere with recycled materials and 3D printing.

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