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Make the New Way of Making.

We treat the electronic components as materials and combine them with the resin that would normally be used as the external material to secure them. This composite material is conductive, the electronic components actually work as a torch or a lamp, and the material can be established as a product. At what point does it stop being a material and start becoming a product? This is a prototype that considers it from the point where it is a material, and speculates on the borderline where the material changes into a product, and the existing framework that defines this.

[Function Overview]
• The electronic components required in order for an electrical appliance to carry out its function are enclosed in clear acrylic.
• The electronic components, without requiring a circuit board, are held in place by being enclosed.
• The electronic components are connected with each other by special ultra-fine electrical wire, and actually function as an electrical appliance.
• Features implemented include wireless charging and ON · OFF switching through inclination sensing, and it can be used normally as is.
• It's possible to do dimmer by a remote control with Smart Phone.

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