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This basin mixer enhances customer satisfaction by enhancing the brand's reputation by addressing the pain points that actually exist in life. Designed specifically for families with children and faucet to fill the gaps in the market, the target customer acceptance. Expected to bring significant benefits to the business.
1. Ordinary leading handle design behind the water outlet, children use the tap, often forget to turn off the water. Amity basin faucet will operate the switch on the front of the outlet, and easy to operate. Greatly reducing the number of children forget to turn off the water. We use innovative ways to improve the problem of water waste and save water for every family.
2. The overall shape of rounded, improve the surface treatment performance, the plating more uniform coverage, improve the yield and surface plating quality.
3. Round shape, so that industrial products have become warm. At the same time the overall shape of the rounded shape can also prevent special people and children when it is corner injury.

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