Entry Exhibition


Print the Structure.

What if printing could strengthen and reinforce material, rather than just apply text or patterns?
Here I have taken thin paper, too delicate to stand on its own, and supported it with a skeleton like framework created using UV printing.The characteristic thickness given by UV printing reinforces the thin, fragile paper, allowing it to stand on its own as a 3D structure. Using this new method of producing structures through printing, We have created lantern-like structures. While traditional Japanese lanterns are made by covering thin strips of bamboo with Japanese paper, We have created these structures simply by printing them onto paper. Unlike traditional lanterns, these structures can be arranged to form a variety of different shapes. Because the reinforced part can be designed as digital printing data, the creator is afforded a high degree of freedom in designing the structures, and it is possible to create all kinds of different structures by altering the digital data. Born out of a reexamination of the meaning and purpose of printing, this method of creating 3D objects using 2D printing opens up a new world of possibility for 2 D printers.

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