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Boiled Rice Lunch Box

This product is the lunch box which can cook rice.
The way to use is very easy.
Washed rice and water are put in the container body, an exclusive lid is put and it's heated for 8 minutes by microwave 500W.
Changing a lid and after keeping for 30 minutes by a insulated container, Delicious rice will be completed.
If you make a preparation before going to work in the morning,and take to a company or school by dedicated pouch,
You can have a hot and freshly cooked rice in lunchtime easily.

Rice is steamed by the heat-retention with the stainless thermos structure, so electricity and water are unnecessary during cooking.
Moreover it's kept high temperature after cooking , it's so energy conservation.

The handle of lid and silicon ring of container are designed for consideration the operability (easy handling, non-slip, not hot).
The pattern of the symbol of Delicious rice (grain of rice is standing) and Japanese Cloisonne pattern(Shippō-gara) are puted on an exclusive lid.

Once of cooking amount(0.7-gou(about 105g) ) is for healthy 1 meal for one person.
It can be utilized as a rice cooker substitute for person living alone.
This product aim at increasing the chance to have a rice of a young person.

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