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Lenovo karaoke microphone UM6

Lenovo UM6 small new microphone is a specially designed for young people to build the intelligent microphone, the one-piece marks and metal fuselage design, integrity is strong, open the key and the volume button on both sides of the fuselage distribution, has a function on open the key clew bumps, simple and direct sliding operation mode makes the novice can easily get started. It has a one-button mode switch key, which can change the reverberation effect by switching live broadcast, singing and recording. Black fuselage and red operation button area color division, make the products look more fashionable, simple.
The product also brings a more professional microphone experience, full digital reverberation capacitor microphone, integrated sound card and mobile phone ear. Real - time auricular function to solve the problem that some phones are not monitored. 14mm capacitive diaphragm sound head, high sensitivity, using noise threshold technology and anti-signal interference function, can automatically identify the environment sound, human voice, intelligent noise reduction, perfect reduction of human voice details.

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