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Anik is a storybook that provides engaging, interactive, and educational contents that introduce children to the basics of electrical circuits through hands-on-play. Our innovative storybook, where conductive ink of silver nano-particles replaces electronic wires, is an exemplary illustration of where tradition meets technology. It adopts the best of both worlds—a fairy-tale style storytelling embedded with captivating pictures and scientific knowledge targeted to a young audience.

Anik interact with users by having kids create their own stories buy building up electronic components, such as batteries, LED’s and motors. Specially we designed flat components to put in the book with magnet connection and designed motors with different structure for various movements. Children can learn basic electrical circuits principal from easy to difficult, by giving life to everything. For example, they power the stars in night sky and set our solar system in motion with spinning plants and floating astronauts.

The first chapter of the book teaches the fundamentals of electrical circuits through specific examples. Illustrations of real-life appliances, which come to life when overlaid with the ink, explain how electrical circuits work. The second chapter contains interactive elements that allow kids to bring stories to life by designing their own unique circuits.

STEAM education has recently played an increasingly crucial role worldwide. Anik incorporates the latest smart technology that allows children to build electrical circuits themselves. Combining imagination with theory, the product is an appealing alternative to conventional learning and a tool that effectively communicates knowledge.

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