Entry Exhibition

Power-concentrated EMUs of NEW Generation

Modern styling designed for the power-concentrated EMUs appearances a sense of weight and speed. Artificial Intelligence realizes electronic history log and provides a basis for Big Data management. Health management along the whole life span of train establishes perfect neural network and integral expert system, enhancing intellectual ability of fault diagnosis. It provides on-line health test for ventilation equipment. Main air supply monitoring system perfects the function of self-monitoring, self-learning and self-diagnosis. It provides audio/video entertainment and Wi-Fi internet access during journey. With human-machine-environment virtual simulation and VR technology, the design and effectiveness evaluation of immersive human-machine system are carried out under the virtual environment to realize the virtual experience during the whole design process. The integral lighting is designed with seamless joint, which is the first case, providing better ride experience for passengers. Multipurpose retractable step plates at entrance meet platform of different heights, which makes the train be able to run on existing lines and dedicated line for passengers.

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