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Panorama Laser TV

Panorama Laser TV is a small size smart TV with a large screen, it is the integration of many Hisense image patents. Panorama Laser TV used the principle of laser reflection imaging, within a short distance, the light projected a 80-160 inch 4K ultra-high-definition image on the screen. Therefore, it solves the problems of big TV size, too heavy and too expensive, etc. Moreover, the screen sizes can be adjusted according to user needs; equipped with Harman Kardon speakers to give users the theater-like audio-visual enjoyment. Compare to other 4K TVs, Hisense Panorama Laser TV has more advantage such as smaller size, higher brightness and clarity, longer service life, reflection imaging helps to protect eyes, etc. Matchable Fresnel passive bionic screendo not need to connect the power supply; and it also works very well under the sun or bright environment which avoided the visual fatigue if the audience watching TV in a dark environment. The design follows the pursuit of our brand with dignified and elegant black shape. Metal ring makes the product well-arranged and unique which reflecting the modern home TV with High-tech feeling and future sense.

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