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Moj Sirup

Moj Sirup is a syrup package. Traditional packaging syrup after opening have the longest shelf life of up to six months. Packing Moj Sirup allows a longer duration because it consists of independent parts, each of which measured to be exactly one teaspoon. Packing Moj Sirup is practical, compact and easy to use.

'Moj Sirup' takes inspiration from the shape of a spoon to divide up small portions of a product into convenient individual sizes. As a whole, this packaging system snaps together in order to create a design that is easily stored as a unit. To use, one of the spoons can be snapped apart from the group and taken into the mouth in a scooping motion.
While the concept was developed with the idea of allotting a certain dosage of cough syrup, the same idea could be applied beyond the medical industry to a range of thick condiments or syrups that are consumed in small amounts with meals.

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