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KUNISUKE is a knife supervised by professional knife artisans with 400 years of history. It is a supreme knife with beauty of pragmatism accompanied with beauty of Japanese traditional katana, supervised by Kawachinokami Kunisuke family, which has been creating knives since more than 15 generations ago. KUNISUKE inherits Kawachinokami Kunisuke’s motto, “the ultimate product for cutting and the beauty for being ultimate”.
The tip of the knives, kissaki, has beauty as tense as katana, and kuchigane, the part connecting the grip with the edge has triangular form, which goes well with the whole shape. We process the connecting part of the edge specially too. The design not only is beautiful but also makes it easier to connect them. In addition, tamahagane, which is also used for katana, is embedded in kuchigane as the symbol mark of KUNISUKE. Tamahagane is produced with tatara iron-making with more than 1000 years of history, and is wako, alloy of pure iron and carbon. Furthermore, the grip is asymmetry, so it is easy to hold.
We have three types of knives: for vegetables, for fish and for general use. The one for vegetable is easy to use for being square-shaped and double-edged. The one for fish has long fine blade, and enables you to slice fish thinly, keeping the food fresh. The one for general use has the both ability of Japanese knife and European Chef’s knife. The knife is designed for many types of food and cooking styles, and helps you express the deepest and finest part of Japanese cuisine.

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