Entry Exhibition

Skeleline - 3D silver Jewellery

Skeleline silver jewellery collection was inspired by the aesthetics and uniqueness of nature. It is dynamic, elegant, random and spiritually balanced. Combining 3D printing technology and traditional handmade jewellery techniques, we can visualize a 3D continuous and fluent path to demonstrate the force and circulation of nature in a tiny pieces.

There has a core inside an apple, sometimes with leaves; the path of wind marked on the cloud, sometimes raining; one of the petals is difference from the others ……your eyes can go through the endless line that you can’t tell where is the start and end. Viewing it in 360 degrees, immersing you inside the pieces. Please enjoy to discovering our beautiful world!

Applying 3D printing into jewellery production process, which greatly improves the possibility of three-dimensional design, increasing the quantity and stability of production and reducing production time.

On the packaging, we choose film box style that can display the product in 360 degrees to show the details. It looks like stay in the air. Also, the films eliminated most of the air inside the package. It's help to prevent oxidization of silver.

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