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Pandora is the world's first self-driving car all-in-one hardware/software perception solution. As the eye of the driverless vehicle, it contains the most two important sensors in a compact package – round view cameras and a LiDAR. It is mainly used to collect and analyze the data of 360° field of view.
Based on the software algorithm and data synchronization of Baidu Apollo program, Pandora helps autonomous-driving developers build an integrated solution, thus significantly promotes the accessibility of the technology.
This design will solve the main pain points for the autonomous driving industry:
1. Eliminate error introduced by asynchronous triggering
2. Eliminate sensor geometric calibration process
3. All-in-one package and expedited installation process
4. Out-of-the-box, plug-and-play
5. Ultra-light and compact
The product features superior accuracy and performance in object detection, tracking, and classification, which are crucial in automated driving assistance and collision avoidance.

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