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PROTECTOR——The old man toilet intelligent lift auxiliary device
In recent years, China's population is aging rapidly. More older people tend to be home-based. As the physical function of the elderly gradually declines, it can lead to unexpected diseases such as sudden illness in the toilet, weakness of the legs and feet, etc. According to these weaknesses, jomoo developed “PROTECTOR——The old man toilet intelligent lift auxiliary device.”,its main features are:
1、Ensure toilet safety: sedentary have reminded, call for help when the accident happens, and heart rate testing is good for your health.
2、Enhanced experience: toilet sits down easily, a key wash easy to operate, the use of comfortable and assured
3、Strong compatibility: ordinary toilet can be installed, different height can accommodate, the lumbar leg inconvenience also can use.
As a domestic initiative, it fills the huge gap in the domestic market. Jomoo will continue to study the wisdom and health of the elderly bath products, leading to the development of the old bath industry, and benefiting the "silver hair people".

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