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Anaori Carbon POT OVAL

ANAORI CARBON POT OVAL is cooking tools made by carving out 99.9% pure carbon graphite.
Carbon’s superior thermal conductivity and far-infrared effects combined with the extremely precise carving technique done in 0.01 mm increments and thick outer structure brings about innovation in good cooking.
This double handle pot is the perfect size to cook 2-3 cups of rice. The bottom of the pot is slightly raised for the convection of rice, so the pot is perfect for cooking and simmering rice, soups, risotto or stews.
Reproduction of Super Ellipse Ratio
The super ellipse is said to have the most beautiful oval shape. The smooth curve is recreated by the most precise carving technique done in 0.01 mm increments.
Grooves on the Underside of the Lid
Moisture from steam collects on the underside of the lid in the grooves. These droplets contain umami (savory flavor) of the ingredients and fall back onto the food to create a thicker taste.
The OVAL’s design is modeled after the super ellipse, which is said to have the most beautiful oval shape. Having a simple design but taking advantage of the characteristics of the new material of carbon, it also harmonizes with the kitchen and table as an interior object with its retro finish. The more you use it the more you will grow fond of it.
It has been recognized worldwide by being awarded awards, iF Design Award 2017 and red dot design award 2017 Winner, German Design Award 2018 Winner.,JIDA Design museum selection Vol.19,Cool japan award 2017.

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