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PENLASER is a revolutionary in the laser measurement industry, which is the smallest diameter laser distance measure in the world. PENLASER can achieved great accuracy and effectiveness in measuring length and spacial distance in anytime and anywhere, for it applies a professional miniature ACIC movement, which is developed in collaboration with Swiss Leica, the originator of the range finder.PENLASER uses a one-button design, and the one-hand rapid operation in measuring length can achieved the distance of farthest 20 m with accuracy of 1.5 mm. The configurition 2 can only repalce to AAA dry batteries,which time of continuous measurement can reach 5 hours or more.PENLASER utilizes back lit screen to display measurement data ,it can simplify the complicated work when recording a large number of measurements by a pen .It improves work efficiency greatly and enable completely replace the traditional single-function tape measure. PENLASER has a lot of advantages such as ergonomic looks, comfortable feeling of grip, simple and compact of appearance , easy to carry and so on.The pen body of PENLASER is formed integrally with high-strength ABS engineering plastics ,so it fulfil the requirement of anti-collision, anti-water, anti-dust and others ,it has became an indispensable household digital measurement tools.

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