Entry Exhibition

Ding Smart Doorbell

At Ding, we design beautiful objects for the home. Our first product is a smart doorbell, letting you speak to the person at your front door through an app on your phone.

We have designed an experience that fits with users’ existing habits rather than creates new behaviour to fit technology. The product is simple to use, providing quick, clear and secure communication with visitors to your home.

The clean design and scandi fabric of the Chime blends in with the home moving smart product design away from the white plastics. The Button’s slim design is a subtle addition to any door frame and our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Basing our voice service on the WebRTC stack, we have written our own platform. This innovative technology makes it possible for our doorbell to run on simple, low-power microcontrollers.

We have reimagined an everyday item, making it smart enough to be useful without becoming a high-tech home surveillance gadget.

We believe that the smart home industry needs design that solves everyday problems. Many people do not need a voice assistant. The Ding smart doorbell is not a gadget created to house new technology but a solution. As many as 2.4 billion packages missed the first delivery window in 2016 (Time.com); this is both a social and an ecological problem that this simple redesign can help solve.

For elderly or disabled users, the design becomes a mobile intercom system, and for all users this device saves our most valued commodity in our busy lives: time.

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