Entry Exhibition


This is a growing condom
Condom and seed pot integration; tear open the condom; put back into the pot after use, covered by ceramist; natural rubber and protein composition of natural nutrients, so that the seed germination and flowering.
Question 1. People are often ashamed to use condoms because of the psychological embarrassment they have with buying, carrying, and discarding condoms. 2. Insufficient education can lead to an increasing number of unwanted pregnancies among young people and the spread of disease, even among students.
Flowers symbolize new life, and condoms after use are remnants of the love of men and women; at the same time, they have symbolic meanings as petri dishes for new life. By extending the life cycle of the condom; by allowing the condom to bloom and blossom, which will prompt more people to
accept it and understand it; to encourage people to use it; to love you and love the world.

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