Entry Exhibition

Eric Esser

„Quantitative Explorations“ is an analysis of additive manufacturing techniques better known as 3D printing. Special principles have been developed for the FDM process, which improves the print result. Especially the continuous path generation significantly increases the quality.

In this way I created an auxetic textile, which I called „AuxTex“. The examples shown here are on theone hand flexible and supple, but can also be expand and are very durable. For that I used different flexible materials (TPU / TPE), to protect the structure from breaking.
Due to paramized CAD-files it is possible to adapt the structure for different situations. The thicknesscan easily be changed through the number of layers.

The textiles shown here were printed with a 0.25mm nozzle. This allows to print very fine patterns.
Every pattern has its own individual characteristics. E.g. stretchable in one or more directions.
Depending on the requirements of the product, the pattern can easily be changed.

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