Zeng Hui

Deputy Director, Planning Director, Beijing Design Week Committee Chairman of Beijing Gehua Science and Design Communication Co., Ltd.
central academy of arts and crafts, taught in the school since 1991, executive editor of the "design" magazine. He served as a member of the Beijing organizing committee for the Olympic Games Director of landscape planning and implementation department of chemical activity department, minister of art department of national center for the performing arts.
He is a member of China artists association, an expert of the cultural industry committee of the ministry of culture and tourism, an executive deputy secretary general of China architectural culture research association, a member of the central cultural committee of Democratic League of China (NLC), and a vice director of the cultural committee of Beijing committee of democratic league of China. A member of Beijing cultural and creative industry fund expert database, a member of the cultural industry planning research group of the 12th and 13th five-year plan of the ministry of culture, a deputy secretary-general of the design committee of China packaging federation. A vice-chairman at Fiber art committee of China arts and crafts society, a deputy secretary general in Zhang Ding art research center of tsinghua university, a vice President of the promotion association of Beijing industrial design, a supervisor of Beijing design institute, a judge of nesting prize, an association deputy head of soft outfit display branch in China building decoration, a deputy director of expert committee in soft furnishings, a Visiting professor of Art college of central cultural cadre management, art college, LuXun Academy of Fine Art, Yunnan art college, etc.

He has ever won the Hirayama Ikuo (Japanese pronunciation) award, the best design award of "China star", the excellent brand image design award and the golden finger award. In 2008, he was awarded the honorary title of "advanced individual of Beijing Olympic Games" by Beijing municipal party committee, Beijing municipal government and Olympic organizing committee. China packaging design career outstanding contribution award; Won the most influential graphic designer award in Chinese advertising design list. He won the outstanding award of 2012 Hong Kong print awards and the grand award of 2013 China print awards thanks to the long volume of Olympic culture’s design. In 2016, it won the China design contribution award.

He has presided over the planning and design of more than one hundred brand image, event promotion, planning and design and urban image landscape design promotion and planning projects for FAW, yili group, citic company, China's excellent tourism city,etc. Participated in the past Beijing international design week ink painting to participate in the past city. Participated in the past Beijing international design week ink painting, Participated all of the past Chinese ink art exhibitions. Curated "Guangyu style" of Guang-yu Zhang design exhibition, Guangyu’s comics exhibition, the beauty of the "hand made" design exhibition, the exhibition of half a century painting trace, China-Russia youth contemporary art exhibition and Shanghai art and design exhibition.

Anticipated in “the people's livelihood 12 design exhibition", "live" home design exhibition in Today’s art museum, Hong Kong art design exhibition, etc.

Published the books such as "the story of design", "Chinese art esthetics assay ”and edited “China city image design yearbook”.

Published over hundred art design papers and reviews in the decoration, art observation in professional journals, newspapers, Chinese modern design theory guide, creative design, industrial design management, the image of the landscape of Beijing Olympic Games and the public art and modern hand design, etc.
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