Shiro Aoki

Good Design Fellow
Shiro Aoki served as COO of Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) from 2001 to 2017, during which he as the Executive Director of Good Design Award, has supervised the JDP and promoted many projects including design promotion of SMEs, international collaborations, cultivation of design talents and so on. He specializes in design administration, design promotion policy, design thinking, design history and design management. He is Good Design Fellow, Managing director of Japan-China Exchange Conference in Japan Design Consultant Association (JDCA), Directors of Society for Design and Art Fusing with Science and Technology (SDAFST), Honorary member of Japanese Society for the Science of Design (JSSD). He has taught at the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Metropolitan University. He is visiting professor of Tokyo University of the Arts and Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology.
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