Eisuke Tachikawa

Founder of Nosigner
Founding NOSIGNER, Eisuke Tachikawa is a design strategist who pursues a multi-disciplinary approach to design. Today, he serves as CEO of NOSIGNER, and strives to produce social innovation through his activities. He has provided a wide range of innovative design encompassing science and technology, education, local industries, and more. Eisuke’s works have been acclaimed internationally, winning numerous global awards: Design for Asia Grand Award, iF Design Award, PENTAWARDS PLATINUM, SDA Grand Award, etc. He was also appointed as the concept director for the Cool Japan Movement Promotion Council by the Japanese government. Alongside his career as a designer, Eisuke is a passionate educator. He inspires students through his workshops on “Grammar of Design” and advice on design and innovation. He currently teaches at the Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management and Miyagi University. Eisuke holds a Masters degree in Architecture from Keio University Department of Science and Technology.
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