Liu Yijun

President of UXPA
Yijun Liu
She has more than 10 years of experience about user experience, especially in aspects such as product innovation, product design and user research. She has worked for BenQ, Asus, Corel and DIANPING as head of the user experience team. Products that she was in charge of include mobile phones, handheld products, computer software, the Internet, mobile Internet and so on. She led the design of more than 60 mobile phones, among which S660 and S670 won historical sales champion for the BenQ mobile phone. After taking over the user experience team of DIANPING, she led the design of its 5.0 version of application, still as the framework of the current version. She has multinational team management experience with a global vision and a solid professional background. She is a doctoral candidate for HCI from Taiwan Jiaotong University. She graduated from Florida State University with her master’s degree in HCI major.
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