2019 Award Announcement

1. About DIA

Design Intelligence Award (DIA) is an international academic award in industrial design established in China, 2015. It is a platform for evaluation, promotion and communication of design, an accelerator bringing innovation to the industry and the future.

DIA returns to the origin of design with human intelligence, advocates that design is “Intelligence of Humanity, Wisdom of Life,  Fusion of Tech & Art,Brain of Industry”, and plays the role of bringing world-wide creativity to an intelligent future.

2. 2019 Focused Issues

2019 DIA focuses on the extensive transformation of society and industry under the influence of digital economy, and discovers the design paradigm in the field of intelligent manufacturing, social innovation, etc.

3. Awards Setting

“DIA Award” sets awards of Gold Award (2 Prizes, 1,000,000RMB/Prize), Silver Award (10 Prizes, 200,000RMB/Prize), Bronze Award (10 Prizes, 100,000RMB/Prize), Honorable Mention (around 300 prizes). 

“DIA Special Award - Design Yiwu” sets awards of First Prize (2 Prizes, 150,000RMB/Prize), Second Prize (3 Prizes, 100,000RMB/Prize), Third Prize (5 Prizes, 50,000RMB/Prize), Excellent Prize (10 Prizes, 10,000RMB/Prize).

4. Entry Categories

4.1 DIA Award

1. Cultural Innovation

Product and service emphasizes humanistic aesthetics and the sustainable development, in the areas of souvenirs, stationery, packaging, fashion,tableware, furniture & lighting, social innovation, etc. 

2. Living Applies

Product and service emphasizes function and interaction, in the areas of digital devices, household appliances, kitchen& bathroom, elderly care, mother and baby, toys & musical instrument, sports & leisure, disaster prevention, etc. 

3. Industrial Equipment

Product and service emphasizes efficiency and user-friendly, in the areas of transportation, medical, construction, agricultural & forestry, military, office, mechanical tools, etc.

4. Frontier Technology

Product and service emphasizes application of high technology (artificial intelligence, block chain, 3D printing, mixed reality, etc.), in the areas of smart wear, smart home, smart city, smart agriculture, intelligence manufacturing, robots, etc.

5. Digital Interaction

The software product emphasizes user experience and business model, in the areas of industrial production, office services, urban services, health care, transportation, recreation & entertainment, social communication, house living, education & training, etc. 

4.2 “DIA Special Award - Design Yiwu” (Theme: Original Branding)

1. Stationery and Sporting Goods

Including stationery and sporting goods.

2. Toys

Including decoration toys, art toys, scientific & educational toys, etc.

3. Bags and Luggage

Including wallets, crossbody bag, shoulder bag, backpack bags, suitcase, etc.

4. Others

Other commodities including packaging, fashion, living applies, outdoors, etc.

5. Participating Entities

5.1 Participants

Enterprises, design agencies, research institutions and individuals are all qualified for participation. All the participants should abide by the principle of “DIA Instruction of Participants”.

5.2 Entry Requirement 

Product, software and service design is qualified without intellectual property dispute. 

Unlisted entry should be able to send the prototype or demo for Second Evaluation. The listed entry should be in the market within two years.  

6. Registration

6.1 Registration

The entry is accepted either by public registration or expert nomination. Entries through public registration need to be reviewed in Preliminary Evaluation. Entries through expert nomination approved by DIA Committee have access to skip Preliminary Evaluation. To be fair, experts for nominating and judging work independently. The same entry is not allowed to apply for “DIA Award” and “DIA Special Award” at the same time.

Participants shall register/login via DIA official website (www.di-award.org).

6.2 Entry Collection Period and Fees

Registration system is only open from Feb. 28, 2019 to 24:00 May 28, 2019(UTC+8). No registration fee will be charged, and late submission will not be accepted.

7. Evaluation

7.1 Evaluation Process

“DIA Award” is composed of Preliminary Evaluation (online review), Second Evaluation (onsite review) and Final Evaluation (oral defense).  “DIA Special Award - Design Yiwu” is composed of Preliminary Evaluation (online review) and Second Evaluation (onsite review). 

7.2 Evaluation Criteria 

DIA evaluation criteria includes 3 layers: 1) The fundamental layer emphasizes the “Principles of Design”, covering functionality, aesthetics, technicality, user-experience and sustainability.  2) The advanced layer emphasizes the “Direction of Design”, spanning contribution to humanity, industry and the future. 3) The top layer emphasizes the “Impact of Design” in regards to social influence and industrial development. 

“DIA Special Award - Design Yiwu” focuses on the originality, feasibility and commercial value on the basis of DIA evaluation criteria.

7.3  Jury

    DIA Jury are elected worldwide from diverse fields such as design, technology, commerce and media, etc. 

8. Winners’ Benefits

8.1 Trophy and Certificate

All winners will receive a trophy and a certificate. Participants whose entries are displayed in DIA Exhibition will receive DIA Exhibition Certificate. Winners whose entries are donated to DIA Committee will receive DIA Collection Certificate.

8.2 Logo Usage

Winners will be authorized to use DIA logo on the awarded entry.

8.3 Communication & Cooperation

Winners have access to DIA Award Ceremony to communicate with experts from various fields around the globe.

8.4 Industrial Cooperation

“DIA Industry Platform” integrates hundreds of venture capitals, incubators, manufacturing enterprises and governments. Excellent participants will be invited to industrial events including capital docking, product hatching, intellectual property auction, etc.

Meanwhile, qualified participants in “DIA Award - Design Yiwu” will receive “Innovative Design Coupon” (equal to 200,000 RMB at most, issued by Yiwu Government) according to the performance in industrial transformation activities after Second Evaluation. (Please login DIA Official Website(Contact Us-Download) for more information,)

8.5 Media Promotion

DIA has established global promotion network with hundreds of mainstream media covering a variety of fields and channels. Internet broadcast of DIA events such as Final Evaluation, DIA Award Ceremony will further enhance the social influence of excellent design.

9. Agenda


DIA Instructions for Participants

1. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

1.1 All participants must be the owner of the intellectual property or the designer with no dispute over the entry. For entries having not been licensed, participants need to submit an application (records) materials while the registration for the competition. For entries still without any related intellectual property certification after winning an award, DIA Committee has the right to require written promise to guarantee the originality of those entries.

1.2 DIA Committee has the right to invalidate the award-winning qualification of the entry in intellectual property disputes, including the certificate, trophy and prize etc. If economic or reputational losses are caused by the defective entries, the host and the organizers have the right including but not limited to demanding economic and reputational compensations, litigation costs, attorney fees, insurance fees, appraisal fees, etc.

1.3 The intellectual property of all entries should be owned by the participants. 

2. Publicity and Confidentiality

DIA Committee has the right to use the registration information for award promotions, including but not limited to shooting, exhibiting, news reporting, publishing of entries. All entries shall be deemed to be non-confidential, except participants applying for a Confidential Evaluation by email within 5 working days after registration. DIA Committee will not bear the loss caused by the use of the entries in publicity.

3. Registration Information

Once the registration information is submitted, modification not allowed. DIA Committee shall have the right to refuse any request of modification. The participants shall ensure the correctness and truthfulness of the registration information. DIA Committee shall have the right to revoke the entry’s award qualification and honor, and recover the prize money. In order to ensure the orderly conduct of the appraisal work, DIA Committee and the jury shall have the right to adjust the entry category accordingly.

4. Registration Qualification

Only the designer and the owner are eligible for registration. Participant should confirm and coordinate with the relevant units to avoid the duplicate registration. DIA Committee shall bear no legal responsibility for the problems intrigued by the duplicate registration and have the right to invalidate the award-winning qualification and honor, and to revoke bonus if the problems are not coordinated timely. The same entry is not allowed to apply for DIA award and DIA Special Award at the same time.

5. Notifications and Feedbacks

All DIA notifications will be released on official website and registration system, and participants shall pay close attention to related channels and respond promptly. Otherwise participants shall assume the liability to any negative consequences of missing information or delayed-reply.

6. Delivery

6.1 According to DIA Regulations, shortlisted entries for Second Evaluation are required to send the physical product or prototype. “Entry Delivery Instructions” including delivery address, time, and related regulations will be released along with “Preliminary Evaluation Result.” Any overdue delivery will be deemed as retraction. 

6.2 All costs regarding transportation, tariffs, insurance, customs, etc. shall be borne by participants. 

6.3 Candidates should fill in the delivery information in registration system in time. DIA Committee shall only be responsible for the safety, security of the entry according to the delivery information. 

6.4 All DIA evaluations and exhibitions will take place at professional venues and entries will be transported, safeguarded and reviewed in accordance with relevant industry standards. If any insurance demanded, participants shall purchase by themselves.

6.5 Participants should install the product to ensure the fully functional performance for jury’s operation. If participants entrust DIA Committee to install the product, the detailed installation video or instructions must be provided.

7. Return

7.1 Participants shall submit returning information before shipping. DIA Committee bears no responsibilities for no submission or overdue submission.

7.2 DIA Committee only returns entries two times:1) Unawarded entries will be returned after DIA Award Ceremony; 2) Awarded entries will be returned after DIA Exhibition. To ensure the progress of evaluations and exhibitions, any returning requests will be rejected during non-return time. 

 7.3 Participants shall bear all costs regarding transportation, tariffs, etc. For entries from abroad , participants should provide the custom A/C No. of the designated courier services company.  

7.4 Participants shall bear the “Deferred Management Fee” if applying afterwards. The returning time shall be specified by the DIA Committee after receiving “Deferred Management Fee”, and urgent items are not accepted.

7.5 Participants will automatically be deemed as waving the ownership of the entry without complete returning information by Sep. 31st, 2019.

8. Donation and Collection

8.1 DIA Committee only collects the qualified awarded entries and DIA Collection Certificate will be issued.

8.2 All prized winners shall donate the entries to DIA Committee. With concerns of further research and development, shipment difficulty of oversized entry, or the worth over the prize, participants must submit a written application and related materials, then the delivery date could be delayed or participants could donate a sample or scared model in replace approval by DIA Committee. 

9. Final Evaluation and Award Ceremony

All finalists for DIA Award should be present at Final Evaluation. Otherwise, he/she will be deemed as disqualifyed for awards and bonus. All awarded winners will be invited to Award Ceremony and all travel expenses shall be borne by participants.

10. Certificates, Trophies and Bonuses

10.1 DIA provides electronic certificates only. All certificates are automatically generated in the registration system for download after Final Evaluation.

10.2 One trophy for each awarded entry will be granted at DIA Award Ceremony. Participants who are unable to attend the event will be deemed as giving up the trophy. 

10.3 Prize money will be transferred after award ceremony in accordance with Chinese tax provisions and processes in the current year. Prize money will be transferred to the appointed personal account or the company (including the branch company) account.

Domestic recipient can be a company or individual, while foreign recipient can only be an authorized individual. 

11. Participants shall be deemed to agree with above terms once submitting the entry, and DIA committee reserves the right of final interpretation.


1. DIA Committee shall not be responsible for the incorrect information in publicity, printing and exhibition caused by participants.

2. DIA Committee shall not be responsible for any disputes on rights and interests between participants, winners or other third parties.

3. DIA Committee shall not be responsible for non-human intentional damages caused by potential hazards such as fragility, suspensibility, peeling and complicated structure.

4. DIA Committee shall neither be responsible for safekeeping of entry’s packages, nor for damage and loss of packages.

5. DIA Committee shall neither be responsible for safekeeping of the entry without efficient delivery information, nor for any loss or damage during the shipment.

6. DIA Committee shall not be responsible for: 1) failure of certificate generation due to the late submission; 2) the wrong certificate information due to the incorrect submission.

7. DIA Committee shall not be responsible for any damage or loss conducting the evaluation, exhibition, movement and storage abiding by the Clause 6.4 in “DIA Instructions for Participants”.

8. DIA Committee shall not be responsible for any damage caused by installing, disassembling by Clause 6.5 in “DIA Instructions for Participants”.

9. DIA Committee shall not be responsible for any damage or loss due to force majeure like natural disaster, war and country policy, etc.

10. Participants shall be deemed to agree above terms once submitting the entry, and DIA committee reserves the right of final interpretation and jurisdiction.

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