Common Problems

1.Can I use language other than English to fill in the registration form?

No. DIA has more than 40% of overseas jurors, the official language during jury session is English. All participants shall fill in in English or Chinese and English. Please pay attention to the accuracy of translation.

2. Can multiple entries be submitted?

Yes. The same unit or individual can submit different entries.

3. Can my entry participate if it was awarded in other design competition?


4. Do I need to pay for entering DIA competition?

No. No fee will be charged for registration.

5. Does the same entry can apply for both DIA Award and DIA Special Award?

No. The same entry can only apply for either DIA Award, Design Yiwu or Design Shining. Once being found that the same entry is applied to multiple awards, the entry will be disqualified.

6. What is the expert nomination mechanism?

To attract more outstanding entries, DIA Committee invited worldwide authoritative experts to nominate excellent entries every year. Such entries must register online through an exclusive link provided by the expert, and fill in the nomination expert’s information for verification by the DIA Committee. The approving entries can skip the preliminary evaluation, and directly go to the second evaluation.

7. Will nomination entries affect the public registration entries in preliminary evaluation?

No. The preliminary evaluation adopts the principle of preference, without the upper limit of the number of finalists, ther- efore the final rating of the public registration entries will not be affected by the nomination entries.

8. Do you accept teamwork entries?

Yes. Both individuals and teams can participate. The team in the grand final must assign a contestant on behalf of the team to conduct the on-site reply. The award certificate can write up to 5 major winners’ name.

9. Do I need to own the intellectual property of entries?

Yes. The intellectual property of all entries should be owned by the participants. The people's government of Yiwu as the co-organizer of “Design Yiwu” will have the pri- ority to transfer intellectual property of the Special Award winning entries.

10. What is the picture size and video specifications?

Please refer to the “List of Required Materials for Registration.”

11. How to solve picture or video upload failure?

Please check whether the file format and size meet the system requirements. If you are still unable to upload, please email the DIA Committee ( or call the DIA Committee (+86 (0) 571-87200196).

12. Do I need to send the actual product?

Only shortlisted participants of preliminary evaluation and approved nominees need to send the physical product to participate in the second evaluation. To ensure the safety of all shortlisted entries, DIA Committee will only accept and sign for delivered entries from Feb.26, 2018 to Mar.17, 2018. Entries arrived too early or too late will not be signed. The delivery address will be further notified. Please consult your local courier company to estimate the shipping time and c- ustoms clearance time, and arrange delivery in advance.

13. What if the entry is damaged or lost?

The DIA Committee shall not be responsible for any damage or loss caused in transit. After being signed and checked by DIA Committee, DIA Committee will carry out the transportation, evaluation, exhibition and custody according to in- dustry standards. If the entry is a vulnerable piece, or if it contains important accessories that are easy to lose, please be sure to purchase the insurance on your own. Please refer to “Terms of Participation”.

14. When will the physical product for the second evaluation be returned?

To ensure the progress of evaluations and exhibitions, DIA Committee will return entries after the end of DIA Annual E- xhibition. It will open on May 7th, 2018, and the ending date is to be further notified. All winners with prize money shall donate their physical entries to the DIA Committee. Participant who is willing to donate physical entry to DIA Committee is admitted to participate in DIA Annual Exhibition Tour, and be issued a DIA Collection Certificate.

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