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Vice Minister of Industry Department


1、  Provide related promotion strategy and solution a

2、  ccording to integral development strategy.

3、Assist Minister to fulfill business negotiation, operation and promotion of Incubator, design achievement transformation, etc.

4、Have ability of writing the proposal on operation and promotion.


1、Economics, Management, Finance and related majors; specified on oral English and writing English;

2、Bachelor degree or above, with overseas study background is preferred;

3、Having research and working experience on business model of creative industry, new media and incubator is preferred;

4、More than 2-year relevant working experience;

5、Salary negotiable;

Vice Minister of Competition Department 


1、Making strategic development plan and annual work plan;

2、Organizing entries collection and ensure steady growth of quantity and quality of entries; 

3、Organize preliminary evaluation, second evaluation, grand final competition, expert invitation, guarantee the fairness and academics;  

4、Expand cooperative relationship and creative projects based on available resources, keep increasing specialty, product, international influence of DIA. 


1、Have innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, ability of research and management, specified on comprehensive thinking and rapid learning;

2、Bachelor degree or above, with overseas study background is preferred;

3、  Major is limitless, design major is preferred under the same condition;

4、  More than 2-year relevant working experience;

5、  Salary negotiable;

Vice Minister of Brand Department


1、Establish the strategic development plan of brand department and hold international exchange and cooperation;

2、  Establish media promotion strategy and implementation plan;

3、Organize important events, such as award ceremony, design exhibition, academic forum and other promotional activities.


1、Good at communication and learning, quick thinking, broaden horizon, strong innovative spirit and holistic view;

2、Have relevant brand operation experience, familiar with brand promotion and strategy, and excellent brand management ability;

3、  Bachelor degree or above, with overseas study background is preferred;

4、  Over 2-year relevant working experience;

5、Salary negotiable


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