2019DIA Delivery Instruction Q&A

The second evaluation of the 4th Design Intelligence Award will take place in Hangzhou from July 13 to July 14, 2019. 

Candidates who have been shortlisted for the second stage of judging process should sent the physical products to DIA committee. You can log in and access to DIA online delivery system from June 28 to  July 10. Here’s the answers you might be asked.

Q1:Should the Digital Interaction entries  send physical device?  Can the DIA committee provide hardware support?

Digital Interaction entries  need to provide hardware carriers with software (such as a computer with software or a mobile phone with an app). It is recommended that the participants send the installation and usage instructions together. Any Digital Interaction entries  who need the DIA committee to provide hardware support (iPad, iMac only), please send an email to INFO@DI-AWARD.ORG before June 30, 2019, for a written application. Please indicate the title: Hardware Support Apply + ID number. Please specify the required hardware and provide the download method in the body of the email.

Q2:Does the DIA committee bear the cost of producing prototypes and entries shipment?

The Design Intelligence Award does not charge the participants for any entry fees, nor pay the participants any costs other than the award bonus.

Q3:Where can I find the QR Code and 2019 DIA Risk Disclosure Statement, and how am I supposed to use it? 

Please click DELIVERY in the Entry List, read through the 2019 DIA Risk Disclosure Statement and download the 2019 DIA Risk Disclosure Statement with QR code. Every piece of the parcel is supposed to have at least two copies of QR code and 2019 DIA Risk Disclosure Statement. Stick one QR code on the interior, and one QR on the exterior. Put one copy of 2019 DIA Risk Disclosure Statement inside of the express box with signature and keep the other one to yourself. Make sure the one outside is waterproof.

Q4:What will happen if you don’t receive my work in time?

Entry arriving after 16:00 on July 10, 2019, UTC+8, will be considered as participants to waive the entry qualifications together with other dissent works.

Q5:If the Participants send the model for second evaluation, will it affect the evaluation?

Presentation with full features will help the jury understand your work to the utmost degree. The participants must make a decision by yourself before the evaluation.

Q6:Is the video required for the Second Evaluation?  Can I change the video I used for the Initial Evaluation?

The video is required for the Second Evaluation. If you need to replace the uploaded video, please log in on the official website, go to “Entry List”, find the corresponding work, click the “Delivery” button, and upload the video during the process of filling in the delivery information.

Q7:How to retrieve the self-delivered works?

In principle, DIA committee is not responsible for returning the works submitted to the organizing committee.

Q8:What kind of booth will  DIA committee provide during the Second Evaluation?

DIA: The committee will arrange the overall displace area according to the actual situation of the entries. Entries that can be put on the floor will not be provided any booths (e.g., refrigerators, etc.), and entries that can be placed on the floor will be placed in one of three standard booths in a different size. 

The standard booths are all white, and the size is 600×600×800MM,1000×400×800MM, 1200×1200×200MM. The appearance and structure of the booth cannot be modified in any way according to the requirements of the Participants. For the fairness of the competition, the participants have no right to choose the type of showcase and the location for displacing. DIA committee will arrange entry displace according to the situation of entry. If the above booth cannot meet the display requirements for a participant’s entry, participants are requested to bring their own booth.

Q9:What if the entry has special display requirements?  (For example: entries that require on-site installation, or  are too large to be displayed indoors such as vehicles, etc.)

For those entries  required for on-site installation, DIA committee will arrange an installation time which cannot exceed one day. DIA committee may also arrange for large-scale movable entries  such as vehicles to be dynamically displayed during the evaluation period. Participants who have special requirement must send an email to INFO@DI-AWARD.ORG for written application by June 20, 2019. Please indicate the title: Special Display Demand Application + ID Number. The application should include the particular description of the entry , what kind of displace you want, and the reasons for the application. DIA committee staff member will reply within three working days and discuss specific displace methods.

Q10:Can the participant illustrate their entries on site?

Entries that cannot be explained only by ordinary static display or graphics video descriptions can apply for "on-site explanation". DIA committee will transfer the application to the Evaluation committee to decide whether can illustrate on-stie.The explanation time will be strictly controlled: 1-minute for explanation, 1-minute for judge question, 1-minute for answer, and English for the whole process. Participants must send an email to info@DI-AWARD.ORG for written application by July 5, 2019. Please indicate the title: on-site explanation application + ID number. The body of the email should be accompanied by the necessary information such as the reason for the application, and the DIA committee will reply in before July 10.

Q11:When will the committee return the entries?

To ensure the progress of the evaluation, exhibitions and other activities, the Non-shortlisted entries works will be retrieved or sent back from July 22, 2019, to August 2, 2019.  The short-listed entries will be recovered or returned from November 1, 2019, to November 15, 2019. The participants will bear the transportation costs incurred due to the return. If special packaging or insurance is required, the participants must apply through the mailing system before July 10, 2019, and the corresponding expenses incurred shall be borne by the participants.

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