Beyond national borders, boundless care! 2019 Design Intelligence Award "Gold Award" winner has annouced

Last night, sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Government, the China Academy of Art, the China Industrial Design Association and the Ministry of Education's Industrial Design Teaching Guidance Subcommittee co-organized the 2019 China Design Intelligence Awards to hold the award ceremony. Two works from China's "Blind Vision Aided Glasses II" and the British "Hero Arm" won the highest award - the gold medal. Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Xingfu attended the awards ceremony and presented awards to gold winners Joel Gibd and Liu Dong.

Gao Xingfu, the Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, presented the award to the Gold Award winner

Zhu Xi, director of the Strategic Advisory Committee of China Industrial Design Association, Ke Jixin, deputy mayor of Hangzhou, Dong Guibo, deputy secretary general of Zhejiang Province, Ge Xuebin, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, Xu Xu, party secretary of the Provincial Economic and Information Department, and Yue Yang, deputy director Yu Yongming, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Education, Xu Minjun, deputy director of the Provincial Taxation Bureau, Zhang Genming, secretary of the Xihu District Party Committee, Gao Guofei, deputy secretary of the Xihu District Committee, and Huang Qinfei, deputy director of the Provincial Office of the Talents Department, and members of the Party and Government leadership team of the China Academy of Art Xiaofang, Xu Jiang, Hu Zhonghua, Sun Xudong, Jiang Yufeng, Hangjian, Gao Shiming, Xu Guoqiang, Fu Qiaoling, etc. attended. Also attending the awards ceremony were local party and government leaders such as Shangcheng District, Xiacheng District and Xihu District, representatives of the Teaching Design Committee of the Industrial Design Department of the Ministry of Education, representatives of the judges of the Experts Awards of this year's Zhiju Awards, Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, and Zhongdian Haikang Representatives of well-known enterprises and institutions such as the Group and Xinri Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., responsible persons of relevant departments and teaching units of the China Academy of Art, representatives of the winners and teams, and representatives of domestic and foreign media.

Speech by Mr. Gao Xingfu, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province

In his speech, Gao xing fu pointed out that the coverage of this year's awards has become wider and wider, and its influence has become more and more important. It has become the most internationalized award in the field of industrial design in China, and has become a highly recognized and enthusiastic industrial design award in the global industry. He is particularly pleased to see that the designers in Zhejiang, China are very active in participating in DIA, 4,856, accounting for 24% of the total. Through the exchanges with international high-level designers and competition on the same stage, the design level is increasing year by year. He hopes that the China Academy of Art will continue to play its resources and academic advantages in the international industry, and make the China Design Intelligence Award a world-class industrial design award and a century-old design award, and is well-known in the international industry, design and media circles. Create a global industrial design platform through DIA to maximize the role of the awards.

Speech by Ke Jixin, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou

Ke Jixin said that innovation has become the most powerful gene in the city of Hangzhou. Hangzhou is like a place of creation, and the China Design Intelligence Award is one of the vivid portrayals. At present, Hangzhou is actively creating the first city of digital economy in the country. The goal is to create a city of innovation and vitality, let the traditional industries cooperate with the digital economy, and promote the new manufacturing in Zhejiang and Hangzhou. The China Design Intelligence Awards have passed the fourth year. From the initial little-known to the present, there are countless circles. After four years of deep cultivation, this platform has blossomed and become a large IP with its own flow. It has attracted more and more high-level participants and become a new high ground for innovative manufacturing.

Xu Jiang, Dean of China Academy of Art

Xu Jiang, dean of the China Academy of Art, said, "The improvement of the value of life is the essence of design, and it is the true meaning of the wisdom award." In the past four years, the China Design Intelligence Award has become an influential award for global life intelligence. It uses the rich creation to show the power of contemporary design to the world, and swears the quality created by the global wisdom of human life, revealing the designer's right. The responsibility of poetic habitation. In the past four years, the Design Intelligence Award has also become a social scene that is widely concerned by the Hangzhou people and the Zhejiang manufacturing industry. From here, young people have seen new fashions, families have seen new programs, health has seen new hopes, and intelligence has seen new breakthroughs. When it comes to the new battlefield, people see new hope and boundless care.

DIA Ceremony Guests

The Jury of 2019 DIA Final Evaluation

Award ceremony

Since its official launch in February 2017, the 2018 China Design Wisdom Award has received 7,280 pieces of design works from around the world, of which only 2,621 are for the creation of the prize, which is a steady increase over the past years. After the physical review, a total of 217 works won the award, and on this basis, the gold, silver and bronze awards were selected. From 7280 entries to TOP22, the finalist rate is only 0.3%, and the competition is quite fierce.

Hang Jian, the vice president of the China Academy of Art and Mr. Srini R. Srinivasan, President of the World Design Organization Jointly announced the "Gold Award"

At the award ceremony on September 20th, the winners of the "Gold, Silver and Bronze Award" and "Golden Work Award" were finally announced.

On-site leading guests presented awards to silver and bronze winners

「Hero Arm」这是世界上第一款经过医学认证的3D打印仿生手,它专为8岁以下的截肢儿童设计,与传统假肢相比,它不仅可以快速装配打印,与手臂实现完美贴合,还配备了自主开发的能够逼真表达手部动作的肌电传感器,使得手指与手腕的功能几乎与常人无异。Hero Arm的强大之处不仅在于其技术上的领先性,更重要的是实现了精神的超越,它加入迪斯尼等超级英雄元素的“手臂”,让使用者能从人群中脱颖而出、为自己的与众不同而自豪,这是鼓舞人心的设计。

"Blind Vision Aided Glasses II" has 285 million visually impaired people worldwide. China is the world's most blind country, accounting for 18% of the world's blind population. This blind visual aid glasses II is the first in China to be three-dimensional. Information technology is applied to the design of the visual aid field. It uses the camera to collect images, performs deep processing, and converts the analysis results into sound codes. The bone conduction headphones are used to assist the blind people in food, clothing and accommodation. The glasses are very light, only less than 70 grams, while the voice-controlled mobile phone exclusive APP cloud platform, interacting with the glasses, processing the analyzed information greatly extends the limitations of visual impairment, and builds a caring life service system for the visually impaired. It fully embodies the human care brought by technology plus design.

Zhejiang Satellite TV famous host Xi Wen, Hu Wei

Hosted the 2019 China Design Intelligence Awards Ceremony

2019  Design Intelligence Award Winners Group 

Since its inception, the China Design Intelligence Award has received wide attention from all walks of life at home and abroad. It is reported that the total number of people watching the live broadcast of the event exceeded 3 million.

The finals and awards ceremony were broadcast live by Netease News

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