“International Academic Seminar on Design Policy International Cooperation and Exchange of Design Awards in Post-epidemic Era” is about to start


Design is a sunrise discipline developing rapidly along with the progress of society, economy and technology. Design innovation ability is significant in national soft power enhancement and comprehensive competitiveness improvement. The formulation and implementation of national design policies not only reflect the countries’ cognition of design, but also are a comprehensive embodiment of consensus and collaborative innovation in the field of design, politics, industry, education, etc. The design policies of different countries have their own system due to the different political environment, the value position of political subjects and the interactive relationship between policy subjects. This seminar is jointly initiated by Design Innovation Center(DIC) of China Academy of Art(CAA) and Design Intelligence Award(DIA), which will regularly invite professional design policy makers, designers, design researchers from all over the world to exchange experience and lessons, aiming to promote the formulation and implementation of China’s design policies with international advanced experience.


Industrial design awards used to be an important design policy in many countries such as Germany, the UK, Japan, etc., which help them enhance the international image of their products, so as to promote export trade, enhance the national economic competitiveness and cultural soft power. The internationalization of awards are always driven by the international exchanges of industry, culture and education. However, now, the pandemic has become the new normal, international exchange and communication are continuously blocked, how can the international design community break through the limitations of physical space and explore a collaborative mechanism in the post-epidemic era? Since its establishment in 2015, DIA has been continuously practicing and exploring the international cooperation mechanism, initiated Design Union Program. We established the international window and hot spots in more than 10 countries, and gradually deepened the cooperation mode. Yuan Jiajun, Secretary of Zhejiang provincial Party Committee, pointed out: The road of DIA’s internationalization is the road of CAA’s internationalization. How to use design awards, design discipline and manufacturing industry to drive international design cooperation and communication, will be a major topic to build DIA brand. This seminar will invite experts in design policies and promotion from China, the UK, Italy, France, Japan, Korea, India, Austria, Turkey and Mexico.



ZOOM Meeting


English, Japanese, Chinese (simultaneous translation)


Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Beijing Time: 17: 00 - 21: 00

London Time: 10: 00 - 14: 00

Tokyo / Seoul time: 18: 00-22: 00

Mumbai time: 15: 00-19: 00

Paris / Milan / Vienna / Amsterdam Time: 11: 00-15: 00

Mexico Time: 04: 00-08: 00

Istanbul time: 12: 00-16: 00


Host: Xiong Na, Reasearch Assistant of Design Innovation Center (DIC) at CAA, Strategic Adviser of International Affairs of Design Intelligence Award Committee

17:30 – 17:35,Opening speech and guests introduction

17:40 – 17:55,Keynote speech: DIA Comprehensive Innovation Platform Experiment (Wang Yun)

17:55 – 18:10,International Design Cooperation in the Post-epidemic Era - The release of 2021 DIA Internationalization Strategy (Xiong Na)

18:10 – 19:30,Discussion of International Design Intelligent Manufacturing and Collaborative Innovation (the UK, Japan, France, Netherlands, India, Italy, Austria and Mexico) 

19:30 – 20:00,Q&A 

20:00 – 20:10,Online Opening Ceremony of 2021 DIA “Design Union” Program 

20:10 – 21:00,Multilateral Negotiations on International Design Cooperation (optional)


Host: Design Innovation Center, China Academy of Art

Co-host: Design Intelligence Award, International Forum of Design Research

Organizer: Zhejiang Modern Intelligence and Manufacturing Promotion Center

Support: British Design Fund, Japan Industrial Designers’ Association, Korea Association of Industrial Designers, The Confederation of Indian Industry, Designaustria, Industrial Designers’ Society of Turkey, Stichting voor Design Promotion in Europa en China, POLI. design Società, consortile a responsabilità limitata, National Academy of Fine Arts in Saint Etienne, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico

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