2021DIA Nominator List (1)

2021 DIA Work Collection will end on June 25th. Up to now, the number of registered works has been rising continuously. Tense atmosphere seems to start from registration period.

“Bole always comes before the splendid steed.” If you want your work to stand out, now here is a chance!

Today, DIA nomination channel is officially opened! More than 40 senior masters, academic leaders and industrial elites from various professional fields will serve as “DIA Bole”, to issue “Special Pass Card” to your excellent works and lead you into Final Evaluation directly(Remark: 2021 DIA has 2 rounds of evaluation: Preliminary Evaluation &Final Evaluation).

2021DIA Nominators (1)

Sorted by Name Initials

Cai Xinyuan (China)

Vice Dean, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor of Design Department, member of Ministry of Education’s Steering Committee on the Teaching of Animation and Digital Arts in Higher Educational Institutions. He graduated from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University in 2007, then went to Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnology(ZKM) as postdoctor. He hosted 20+ major projects including National Special Fund for the Development of the Cultural Industry, the National Science and Technology Support Plan, and the Humanities and Social Science Foundation of the Ministry of Education. 

Duan Weibin (China)

Vice Dean, School of Innovative Design, China Academy of Art

Vice Dean, Shanghai Institute of Design

Professor of China Academy of Art; Vice Dean of Shanghai Institute of Design, Vice Dean of School of Innovative Design, China Academy of Art; Distinguished young scholar of China Academy of Art; Young and middle-aged discipline leaders in Zhejiang; Vice President of Education Branch of China Industrial Design Association; Vice President of Shanghai Industrial Design Association.

Kuan Chengneng (Taiwan,China)

Chair professor, Shih-Chien University

Vice president of Shih-Chien University(2008-2017), President of Taiwan Industrial Design Association. He founded the Department of Industrial Product Design and be director (1992-1999), founded School of Design and be Dean(1997-2004), founded Industrial Product Design Research Institute and be Director(1998-2007). He has been invited to serve as jury member of national and international well-known design award and design consultants for enterprises. 

Ji Tie (China)

Dean, School of Design, Hunan University

Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, member of the Eighth Design Discipline Review Group of the State Council, Secretary General of Ministry of Education’s Steering Committee on the Teaching of Industrial Design in Higher Educational Institutions, Secretary General of Ministry of Education’s Intangible Cultural and Creative Alliance, Distinguished Professor of The Yangtze River Scholar(2020), Vice Chairman of Industrial Design Branch of Mechanical Engineering Society, Furong Scholar of Hunan Province, Planning Expert of Cultural Technology and Modern Service Industry of Ministry of Science and Technology, Member of Service Manufacturing Alliance Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Jia Jingsheng (China)

Long-term Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor of Tsinghua University; Director of Printing and Dyeing Lab

Experts of National Art Science Planning Project, chief expert of major project of Beijing Social Science Fund, host of National Social Science Fund in Art, Ph.D. Paper Review Expert of Center for Degree and Graduate Education Development, Ministry of Education, Review Expert of the Humanities and Social Science Project of the Ministry of Education, Ph.D. Paper Review Expert of Evaluation Committee of Chinese Society of Degree and Graduate Education.

Liu Lidan (China)


Associate professor of Tongji University College of Design and Innovation. She has been invited to be jury member of iF and Braun International Design Award for many times. She led HOTO Group to create Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise with new way of life tools under the concept of “positive exploration spirit, released creation experience”. her products such as Mi screwdriver kit and electric screwdriver  has become the hot product in the past 4 year. HOTO won iF2015-2019 Asia TOP100, China TOP25 award-winning company.

Shao Jingfeng (China)

Vice general designer and global design director of Technology Center, SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd.

China’s famous auto designer. He works for SAIC since graduating from college in 1999, hosted and designed models such as Lavida successfully. At present, he is responsible for the modeling design of Roewe and MG, created Roewe “rhythm design” and MG “sensibility” design language system, led the design of many concepts and mass production models such as Roewe RX5, Roewe Marvel X, new MG5, MG6, etc., which has achieved great success. 

Dopink (China)

Design Director of Alibaba Cloud Design

Design Director of Alibaba Cloud Design Center, Vice Chairman of Design Standards Branch of China Industrial Design Association. In China, she initiated the concept of “computing design”, integrating technology, design and business, involving in fields including cloud product experience design and innovation, industry digital design, intelligent product design, etc. 

Xu Bing (China)

Vice Professor of School of Design and Architecture of Zhejiang University of Technology

Doctor, Member of China Service-oriented Manufacturing Alliance, Design Talents of Industrial Design Database of Zhejiang Economic and Information Technology Department, Vice Secretary General of Zhejiang Industrial Design Association, winner of DDF Award-70 Zhejiang Designer since 70th Anniversary of New China’s Foundation. His researches include industrial design industry planning and design strategy research, product innovation design research. 

Zhi Jinyi (China)

Vice Dean, School of Architecture and Design, Southwest Jiaotong University

Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, deputy director of the Institute of Human-machine Environmental System Design of Southwest Jiaotong University. She mainly engaged in the theoretical research and design practice of rail transit equipment, including the transportation human factors engineering, passenger behavior, design aesthetics and design culture theory research, etc. She has participated in design and research of China Rejuvenation, China Railway High-speed Train CRH380A、 high-speed inspection van CIT400, and intercity trains, etc. 

Zhong Chengdong (China)

President, Ipsos China User Experience Institute(UXI)

He served as Chief User Experience Officer and assistant CEO of Kingdee; Director of China Consumer Research of Nelson, Director of CE Practise; Director of User Experience Center of China Mobile Zhuowang Company; Manager of UI Design Department of Huawei Terminal. Now he is Vice Chairman of UXPA China, general planning of User Experience Innovation Competition. 

Zhu Xuguang (China)

Dean School of Art and Design, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Professor and doctor, member of  The 13th Five-Year Plan Discipline Group of Zhejiang Zhe Society, leader of high-level innovation team of  Zhejiang colleges and universities, Zhejiang 151 talents, Zhejiang young and middle-aged discipline leader, member of the Decision-making Advisory Committee of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, secretary general of Zhejiang Fashion Industry Innovation Committee. He has participated in project review of the National Social Science Fund Art Project, the National Social Science Fund Project, the National Art Fund, and the Humanities and Social Science Project of the Ministry of Education, etc.


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