2021 DIA Final Evaluation has Completed Successfully


2021 DIA Final Evaluation

On September 16, Design Intelligence Award, the "China’s Oscar" in industrial design, was held in Zhejiang Exhibition Hall successfully. After further onsite review and comprehensive consideration, the total of 13 national and international judges selected the most excellent works carefully and cautiously. 


Guests of Han Xu, vice president of China Academy of Art, Chen Haijiang, first-level investigator of Economic and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang, Huang Zheming, first-level investigator of Economic and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang, Wang Yun, secretary-general of Design Intelligence Award, etc. participated in the Final Evaluation. Expert of Hang Jian (president), professor of China Academy of Art, president of DIA Expert Committee; Liu Ning, president of China Industrial Design Association; Tao Xiaonian, chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association; He Xiaoyou, professor of Nanjing University of the Arts; Xu Yingqing, director of Future Laboratory, Tsinghua University; Li Jialin, deputy director of Academic Committee, director of Creative Design and Research Center, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University; Ji Tie, dean of the School of Design, Hunan University; Yu Suihuai, professor and PhD supervisor of Northwestern Polytechnical University; Hu Zhipeng, vice president of NetEase; Moritz Ludwig (Germany), CEO of Designaffairs; Pradyumna Vyas (India), senior advisor, Design & Innovation, Confederation of Indian Industry, board of director, World Design Organization; Asakura Shigenori (Japan), president of GK Industrial Design Incorporated ; Kun Pyo Lee (South Korea), dean of the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University participated the Final Evaluation.

2021 Design Intelligence Award Judging Committee

2021 Design Intelligence Award jury members signed the evaluation results.

Han Xu, vice president of China Academy of Art, expressed that this year DIA received 7815 works from world-renowned manufacturing factories, design companies, universities and individual designers, up 6% from last year, and increased a new country-the Republic of Latvia. So far, the participants have covered 5 continent of 61 countries and regions. With a rigorous academic attitude, we believe that the judges will select the best product, which should be truly represent the high degree of this era.

Speech by Han Xu, Vice President of China Academy of Art

Chen Haijiang, first-level investigator of Economic and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang, pointed out in his speech that Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government attach great importance to the development of industrial design and, as always, will fully support DIA. Thanks to the joint efforts of DIA staffs, judges and award organizers, we sincerely invite all the judges to the provincial industrial design demonstration base, characteristic town and key enterprises, to deepen the contact and cooperation with Zhejiang industrial enterprises, promote all kinds of design achievement transformation, boost high economic quality development of Zhejiang with the power of design.


Speech by Chen Haijiang, First-level Investigator of Economic and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang

2021 DIA Final Evaluation

At Final Evaluation, nearly 1000 design works were waiting for the evaluation in the exhibition hall. Jury members walked back and forth to review the works, which was so exciting.

2021 DIA Final Evaluation

This year, over 30% submissions, having the potential increase year by year, came from enterprises and design companies, including world Top 500 enterprises of China Aerospace, Science and Industry Corporation, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, China Railway Construction Corporation, China Mobile, China Unicom, Alibaba, Tencent Technology, Lenovo, Saic, Sony, Fujitsu, Canon, etc. national and international renowned enterprises of Omron, Casio, Roland, KOKUYO, Baidu, NetEase, Hikvision, Skyworth, Haier, etc. At the same time, the new design forces from international universities on QS List and national double first-class universities were also joined in. A competition between all excellent designers in “Product Group" and "Concept Group", who will be the winner? Looking forward to the final results!

The discussion between Hang Jian, the Chairman of Judging Committee and Jury members.


Hang Jian, the chairman of Judging Committee, professor of China Academy of Art, said that supported by Zhejiang Government, DIA collected works from all over the world. DIA, as an academic award, will always judge as the third party, with the perspective of the whole human civilization for the development of industrial design. With“DIA Pyramid for Design Criteria”, it’s more significant that whether the works have the potentials in driving people's livelihood and society.

The discussion between national and international jury members.

It’s a big exhibition hall with various excellent design works. Chinese and overseas judges stopped to review the work, then put “Likes” for their favorite works. The open but mysterious review process attracted the attention of reporters. Liu Ning, president of China Industrial Design Association, told reporters that through the review, "I can strongly feel that design is no longer limited to a certain point, but the integration and innovation of the whole industrial chain from the enterprise brand, scientific research, marketing, channels and users. Design is energizing the upgrading of the industry".

The 2021 DIA Final Evaluation has been successfully completed. Let's wait for the final results!

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