DIA Global New Youth Media Promotion Plan

China Academy of Art won the “2021 International Communication Excellent Case in Universities” hosted by Information Office of The State Council, among which DIA is Top 1. “DIA Global New Youth Media Promotion Plan”, initiated by Design Innovation Center of China Academy of Art and Student Union of Design School, co-hosted with first-class colleges at home and abroad, is a sharing plan for global design youth and an invitation letter from 2022 DIA Ceremony.

Founded in 2015 and launched globally in 2016, DIA, has hitherto covered 61 countries and regions on five continents. It’s an international award, a super-college, and a textbook writing about the contemporary forefront design. In the era of everyone is a designer, we believe that every outstanding youth who loves design is trying to climb the peak and constantly construct the self-value in the virtual and real world. DIA is always willing to open resources, share knowledge and construct a win-win future.

1.Participation Method

DIA will witness your growth. Young designer can participate in the way of design observing, interviewing, reporting and recreating, and share related contents on social media from now to two weeks before 2022 DIA Ceremony. 

According to the participation and performance on social media, DIA will release DIA Media Transcript every month dynamically. Final Top10 will be invited to 2022 DIA Ceremony. Looking forward to see you next year.  

2. Registration Method

The project adopts the parallel selection mechanism of public registration and invitation. All participants should log on DIA official website(www.di-award.org) and fill in the information. After approved by DIA, the participants can use resources effectively according to the regulations, including more than 30,000 works on DIA online and offline exhibition, 500+ experts and 10,000+ designers, 50+ D·WILL lectures, etc.

3. Guarantee and Statement

DIA will bear the funds of the transportation and accommodation for Top10 design youth.

All articles posted on the social media should comply with the relevant requirements on DIA official website. DIA Committee has the right to withdraw false reports and related illegal contents, prosecute relevant people.

Secretariat of Design Intelligence Award Committee 

October 12, 2021

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