Final Reminder | List of Experts for DIA 2022 Nominations (IV)

The public registration of the 7th Design Intelligence Award 2022 will close on July 8.

The DIA Committee reminds all participants to prepare your works as soon as possible and complete the application for awards before the deadline. The list of the first three batches of experts has been announced.

You want your works stand out? Please check the list of the last batch of experts for DIA 2022 nominations. We also believe that no matter whether your works are nominated or not, you will be able to pass the test by your strength!

Experts for DIA 2022 Nominations (IV)

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Yan Chen (China)

General Manager of Tencent User Research & Experience Design Center

Expert designer, special lecturer of Tencent. She is the first full-time interaction designer and user research engineer of Tencent and has led the design of QQ,, QQ Music, Tencent Video, QQ Browser, Tencent Public Welfare, we Conference, 99 Public Welfare Day, QQ Space, QQ Games, Weibo and many other successful Chinese Internet products and events; Through the product research projects based on a large number of users (such as WeChat, etc.) and the basic research projects on Chinese Internet users, she has created research tools and platforms with Internet characteristics.


Zhipeng Hu (China)

Senior Vice President of Netease, Vice Director of Zhejiang Professional Standardization Technical Committee

Adjunct research fellow of Zhejiang University, senior engineer He joined NetEase in 2007 and served as the head of Leihuo Studio. The Leihuo Team has successfully created flagship game brands such as "A Chinese Ghost Story", "Revelation" and “Justice", making important contributions to the entertainment and game industry and local economic development. He set up Netease Fuxi Game AI Lab in 2017, and then set up Montreal Studio overseas to support the global development of games.


Tapani Hyvönen (Finland)

Hyvonen Design CEO

Adjunct research fellow of Zhejiang University, senior engineer He joined NetEase in 2007 and served as the head of Leihuo Studio. The Leihuo Team has successfully created flagship game brands such as "A Chinese Ghost Story", "Revelation" and “Justice", making important contributions to the entertainment and game industry and local economic development. He set up Netease Fuxi Game AI Lab in 2017, and then set up Montreal Studio overseas to support the global development of games.


Hua Hong (China)

Founder & CEO of Barn New China-made Goods Institute

Founder and CEO of Xiaomi Ecological Chain Barn New China-made Goods Institute. Mr. Hong got his bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctor’s degree from Zhejiang University, Jiangnan University and Tsinghua University respectively. He has rich experience in product research and development, education and training, and consulting, and has long been committed to the research of innovation and entrepreneurship methodology. He was the deputy director of the Industrial Design Department of University of Science and Technology Beijing and the leader of the Torch Design Team of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. He has won the title of Top 10 Outstanding Youths in China's Design Industry in DDF Award.


Chunhui Jiang (China)

Design Director of Haier Innovative Design Center

Head of the full brand and category design segment of Haier Group Since joining Haier in 2005, he has won 59 prizes in IF Award and Red Dot Design Award, obtained 20 national technical invention patents, 76 utility model patents and 307 design patents; From 2017 to 2019, he won 2 gold prizes in China Design Award of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 1 gold prize of China Design Patent Award and 2 excellence awards of the State Intellectual Property Office.


Tong Jin Kim (USA)

Professor of Purdue University, USA

TJ Kim is an expert specialized in digital interaction and advanced manufacturing, and is currently a professor of industrial design at Purdue University. The Purdue University is a public school in the Ivy League and ranks among the top 100 comprehensive colleges in the world. Before entering academia, he had more than 18 years of experience as a design leader for consulting firms and enterprises, providing leading products and business solutions. Tong Jin Kim has designed more than 300 products and holds more than 70 US patents. In addition, he has won more than 30 awards, including IDEA, National Design Award (USA), CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards, G-MARK, and A 'Design Award. His works have been published in many journals, newspapers and design blogs, and exhibited in many places.


Jie Li (China)

Editor-in-Chief of Design Magazine

Executive director and editor-in-chief of Design Magazine; Well-known media worker in the design industry; Top 10 Outstanding Youths in China's Design Industry in DDF Award; Top 100 in China’s Design Industry - Top 10 Design Promoters in China; One of the 70 nominees for user experience design for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China; Director of Industrial Design Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society; Deputy secretary-general of Creative China Design Confederation; Editor-in-chief of Chinese Design: Masters’ Voice and Featured Yearbook of Design Works of Chinese Universities; Chairman of Chinese University Design Competition; Distinguished tutor of Light and Shadow Interactive Service Technology in Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; Expert of the virtual teaching and research office of "Product Design Talent Training Reform" of the Ministry of Education.


Gang Lu (China)

Founder of TechNode

Expert of Shanghai Thousand Talents Program, winner of Entrepreneurship Award of 2017-2018 British Distinguished Alumni Award. He founded TechNode, a well-known Chinese-English bilingual technology media, which has developed from a personal blog to a technology entrepreneurship innovation platform linking China and the global technology ecology. He has also built an international ecosystem integrating startup companies, investment institutions, industry resources and large enterprise innovation.


Zheng Liu (China)

Laboratory Director of Culture Creativity Center of China Academy of Art

Professor and doctor, mainly engaged in the research on design cognition, design management, design knowledge and product form. He has published more than 10 papers on China’s Level-A core journals, and has 4 software works, more than 10 invention patents and 1 monograph. Young and middle-aged academic leader in colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province, third-level talent in Zhejiang 151 Talent Project, and a core member of the industrial design pilot team of China Academy of Art He has participated in the topics under the National Science and Technology Support Plan: Integrated Research and Development of Common Key Technologies of Creative Design and Research on Key Technologies of Industrial Design Cloud Service Platform. He has also presided over and participated in the sub-topics of Major National Social Science and Art Project: Research on Collaborative Innovation Mode of Intelligent Design Manufacturing and Theoretical Construction of Oriental Design.


Zhuohao Wu (China)

Expert in Artificial Intelligence and User Experience

Deputy director of Dazhi Technology Culture Creativity Center, Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research, associate professor of Communication University of China, Co-founder of Apailang Creativity Land and AI Creativity College. He graduated from Tsinghua University and Tongji University and was the vice president of AI Engineering Institute of Sinovation Ventures and the design head of Google and Airbnb in China. He has taught in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Culture, and more than 40 universities including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Central Academy of Fine Arts and ArtCenter. He is focusing on the research and creation of "AI Creativity", and apply cutting-edge technology to culture creativity and education. He once presided over the Global AI Challenge and DeeCamp Artificial Intelligence Training Camp, launched CREO World Creativity Alliance with global experts, and released the annual World AI Creativity Development Report.


Bing Xu (China)

Member of Expert Committee of China Service-oriented Manufacturing Alliance

Doctor, member of the Expert Committee of China Service-oriented Manufacturing Alliance, expert of industrial design think tank of Economic and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang, deputy secretary-general of Zhejiang Industrial Design Association, winner of DDF Award for 70 Zhejiang Designers for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China; His main research interests include industrial design industry planning and design strategy research, and product innovation design research.


Xuemei Zong (China)

President of XCMG Construction Machinery Research Institute

Ph.D, fellow senior engineers, professor of industry in Jiangsu Province, part-time master supervisor of the School of Design and Art, China University of Mining and Technology and the School of Arts and Design, Yanshan University, expert of International Standardization Working Group, secretary general of Sustainable Development Technical Sub-committee of National Technical Committee 334 on Earthmoving Machinery of Standardization Administration of China, vice chairman of CCMA Maintenance and Remanufacturing Sub-council, vice chairman of Xuzhou Industrial Design Society. Deputy director of Tsinghua Future Construction Machinery Institute, expert member of Jiangsu Industrial Design Association, expert of Hebei Design Innovation and Industrial Development Research Center (Think Tank). He has undertaken a number of national key R&D plans, and projects of commercialization of research findings, international scientific and technological cooperation and natural science fund in Jiangsu Province, and has obtained more than 30 authorized invention patents and published 10 SCI/EI papers.


Junjie Zhang (China)

Head of the Department of Industrial Design of China Academy of Art

Associate Professor, Doctor of Design. He has presided over the the National Social Science Fund Project (Youth), and participated in many national major and general projects. Mr. Zhang has been selected as a high-level top-notch talent in Zhejiang and won the title of “Outstanding Young Scholar” of China Academy of Art. His focus is mainly on cultural value and perception design. His works have participated in hundreds of high-quality exhibitions at home and abroad, including Salone Internationale del Mobile di Milano and London Design Week, and participated in the "China Design Exhibition" sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for three consecutive times. His design works has won 14 international cutting-edge design awards including iF Award and Red-dot Award, and some of his works has been collected by domestic and foreign institutions. His has obtained more than 100 patents and copyright certificates for design achievements.


Ye Zhao (China)

Head of Huawei UCD Center

As head of Huawei UCD Center, Mr. Ye joined Huawei in 2005 and established Huawei's UCD design capability system as one of the earliest members. His business experience covers many product fields of operators, enterprises and consumers. He has also planned and created the UCD design capability and tool platform, and established Huawei's overseas experience design studio. He has long-term comprehensive experience in user research, design, engineering methods and experience strategy management.


Ligang Zhou (China)

Chairman of Hangzhou Bole Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

President of Hangzhou Industrial Design Association, member of Standing Committee of Shangcheng District Political Consultative Conference of Hangzhou, Bachelor of Industrial Design and graduate student in Business Administration of Zhejiang University. He has visited and studied at the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, University of Cincinnati; Mr. Zhou has won the titles of "Top Ten Outstanding Youths in China's Design Industry" and "Top Ten Outstanding Designers in China's Industrial Design; He is the vice president of National Industrial Design Innovation Industry Alliance, vice chairman of Industrial Design Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and vice president of Zhejiang Industrial Design Association. He has led a team to explore the business model of design industrialization. Bole was awarded the titles of "National Industrial Design Center" and "Top Ten Industrial Design Enterprises in China”, 500+ Brand Enterprises for Design Service and 1000+ New Products for Innovative Design. Bole’s design promoted the commercial value of tens of billions of yuan, and was praised by the industry as a leader in integrated design and an expert in brand 0-1 incubation.

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