Cross-border Elite Show | Global Solicitation for 2022DIA Design Night

I. About the Design Night

DIA Design Night is a carnival night for well-known designers and well-known brand entrepreneurs in the industry. The 2022 Forbes China Intelligent Industrial Design Award Ceremony will be held at the site of the event. The Design Night aims to create a relaxed and advanced social occasion, which will spread and extend from the design point of view to provide business managers, entrepreneurs, designers,  venture capitals and other participants with the opportunity to get in touch with more like-minded and complementary resources inside and outside the industry, so that various links can happen naturally, and finally help establish a joint team of global designers.


For the first time, 2022DIA Design Night will call for creative shows through global solicitation and directional invitation, providing a stage for designers with cross-border talents to show themselves, and present audio-visual feasts with multiple themes such as awarding, entertainment and exchange.


  • Time: On the evening of December 3, 2022

  • Venue: Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center

  • Participants: DIA award-winning designers, FCD winners, corporate executives, design masters, entrepreneurs, venture capitals, and official mainstream media

  • Number of participants: 200+


II. Global Solicitation for 2022DIA Design Night

1. Type of shows:

Designer story sharing: Combined with your own practical experience, tell your stories about DIA, and share the content from the perspectives of "humanistic spirit, integration of science and art, and design business empowerment” in no more than 8 minutes.

Designer charm display: Show the designer's colorful life in various forms such as dance, song, band and language arts in 5-8 minutes.


Application for story sharing: The speaker’s profile, work profile, relevant text manuscripts, pictures are required;

Application for charm display: The introduction and photos of the participants, as well as the reference video of the show effect are required.

Designers with experience in performing arts at music festivals and large-scale events are preferred.

3. Relevant information:

Application time: October 17-31, 2022

How to apply: Please download the attached form and send it together with other related materials to:

4. Financial support:

For the shows passing the selection, the participants’ travel expenses will be borne by DIA Committee.


Ms. Chen 19157812600

Download the attached form

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