Innovative Youth & Enterprises Invitation | "10×10×10" CAA&DIA New Youth Design Co-creation Program

1 Summary 

“10x10×10”, refers to 10 groups of innovative youth × 10 innovative enterprises × 10 groups of innovative instructors = N innovation matrices. The New Youth Design Co-creation Program aims at creating a channel to link innovative resources of colleges and universities and global industrial resources, inviting global innovative enterprises with outstanding visions to meet the post-00s young designers when they have the most space force of free creation in their lives. We are based on technology but not confined to the solid state of technology, and create N possible ways to realize the future world with multi-dimensional expressions such as the art of painting, the media interfaces and the product prototypes. We also plan to release N kinds of future design prospects together with innovative youth, innovative enterprises and innovative instructors at Zhijiang International Youth Art Festival in 2023 (625 million page views in 2022).

2 Annual topic

Ideal design: Symphony of Humanistic Intelligence and Digitalized Perception 

Designers often feel that "we are dancing in chains”. There exists an internal driving force of freeing themselves of constraints in every designer's heart, a yearning for free creation. Just as a sentence from a tweet about MIT Media Lab goes, "Live in Westworld and do some useless designs”. The use of the useless may contain greater ideas of design and more  pragmatic thoughts. This is the initial intention for us to launch this program, that is, the design co-creation on ideal designs in the future. We say that science stresses rationality and art stresses sensibility, so design stresses intelligence, because design is the intersection and fusion of humanities and natural science. Digitalization and intelligence are the biggest characteristics and trends in today's social economy and industrial development. As the world is being digitized, design needs to evolve. How to surpass the traditional design methods and reconstruct the world of design innovation with digitalized perception has become a proposition for the development of design discipline in this era. Therefore, the symphony of humanistic intelligence and digitalized perception has become the representation of the annual topic of this program.

3 Topic selection

Topic names and participating enterprises are being updated

Magic Kindergarten, Sony Corporation;

The Art of Traces, Tineco;

Visual Travel, Lingban;

Internet of Everything, Tuya;

Code of Language, Iflytek;

Simple Food, Supor;

Metaverse of Entities, GREE;

Vehicle-Computer Interaction, SAIC Z-ONE;

Multidimensional Wukong, Human Horizons;

Digital Sport, Chinese Softball Association;

Digital Healing, OPPO;

Mysterious Trip, CRRC Zhuzhou;

Digital Village, Art Meta;

Firmament Program, CASC/Zhijiang Lab;

Looking forward to more participants...


4Standards and Review 

New ideas, new species, new scenarios

  •  Standards

    Idea: What is the leading power of the design ideas compared with counterparts?

    Technology: What is the technical support as a leading enterprise compared with counterparts?

    Innovation: What is the advancement of the design and creation achievements compared with counterparts?

  • Review. CAA representatives, DIA representatives, DIU representatives and representatives of innovative enterprises will constitute a joint review team for the release of innovative works of the New Youth Design Co-creation Program, and they will review and determine the list according to the release standards.

5 Cooperation mode

  • Brand and platform cooperation

    Innovative youth, innovative enterprises and innovative instructors will jointly release innovative designs during the Zhijiang International Youth Art Festival, and will participate in the DIA international tour during design weeks in Tokyo, Milan and Eindhoven.

  • Industry-university-research cooperation

    This project will grow into a profound and more sustainable university-enterprise strategic cooperation. This Program adamantly supports originality, and the ownership of the works belongs to the originators. In principle, the Program only accepts funds from enterprise sponsors, and achievement transformation projects will be discussed separately.

  • Talent matching cooperation

    Provide more in-depth two-way communication and mutual recommendation opportunities for enterprise recruitment and student employment.

6 Links

  • Process: Project topic selection-Presentation-In-process inspection-Design release.

  • Assignment: Design manual 20 pages/PPT 10min, VCR 2min, model, poster, etc.

  • Venue: Choose a place to hold the design innovation conference and the design exhibition of "One Thing, One Panel".

  • Publicity: A series of all-media follow-up reports, focusing on the occurrence of every dialogue and the presentation of every inspiration.

(Take the schedule of the 2023 China Academy of Art Graduation Season as a reference)

7 Registration

We look forward to innovative enterprises with outstanding visions, full technical support and social responsibility and innovative young people with ideals and ambitions, whether you are a young artist or tech geek, to participate in the Program. We will choose outstanding applicants to cooperate, and the right of interpretation belongs to the initiator of this Program.

  • Contact person for registration of innovative enterprises: Bai Lingfei, TEL 15990177359,

  • Contact person for registration of innovative youth: Pan Sibo, TEL 15868122301,


Application form download:



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