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2021 Design Intelligence Award Launch Video

“Design Symbiosis”-2021 DIA Global Design Solutions for COVID-19

Last year is an unprecedented year in human history. We have been fighting with COVID-19 from the spring to the winter. Since DIA started to call for “COVID-19 design solutions”, we have received thousands of excellent design cases from various industries all over the world and held the special exhibition successfully, covering the fields from public administration to medical devices, from daily trips to online meetings, from industrial ecology to sustainable development. It reflects the courage, unity and strength of the international design community while facing the challenge together.

2021 DIA will adhere to the overall concept of “DIA is more than an honor”. Taking the international design award as the main body, design business and design venture capital as the wings, DIA now releases the second proposal of “DIA Global Design Solutions for COVID-19” to explore closer international cooperation under the epidemics, and expand the “DIA Design Union and overseas sub-divisions” model. At the same time, we encourage young generation to design for the real world and a better life even facing crisis, and contribute to the DIA Concept Award.

The new era calls for new design, new problems need new ideas. Facing the new normal of COVID-19 and human coexistence, we particularly encourage innovation that goes beyond traditional shackles and self-imposed barriers, taking crisis as driving force to think about the value of future design and disruptive transformation. Design has no boundaries. We look forward to receiving more imaginative and innovative works combining art and technology together.

New ecology: whether it is industrial ecology or natural environment...

New security: whether it is public security or social ethics...

New space: whether it is human space,or virtual world...

New social: whether it is online or local community...

New office: whether it is Solo office or MR meeting...

New education: whether it is higher education or kid cultivation...

New medical care: whether it is professional medical care or rehabilitation...

New traffic: whether it is highway or smart city...

New possibilities: all other design innovations related to the future vision

Everything would be better eventually. Looking forward to receiving your excellent design.

Design Intelligence Award Committee

January 20th, 2021

DIA Committee Representatives Welcome Address
  • Prof. Song Jianming, Chairman of DIA Committee

  • Prof. Wang Yun, Secretary-General of DIA Committee

DIA Wants To Say To You
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