DIA returns to the origin of design with human intelligence, advocates that design is “Intelligence of Humanity, Wisdom of Life, Fusion of Tech & Art, Brain of Industry”, and plays the role of bringing world-wide creativity to an intelligent future.
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PDF 2020 DIA Announcement
PDF 2020 DIA Guidelines for participants
Entry Categories
“DIA Award” sets two groups of Product Group and Concept Group. Both Product Group and Concept Group are open to all enterprises, colleges, institutions and individuals. Product Group Entries should be launched on the market within 2 years , for those not in the market should be able to provide full-function prototype before Second Evaluation in this year. Concept Group Entries are not in the market but able to provide its design model before Second Evaluation in this year. All kinds of design such as product, software, service and etc. are open for participation. DIA Committee has the right to adjust the group and categories of entries.
Product Group
  • 1.Cultural Innovation:

    It emphasizes culture as the internal driving force, focusing on the contemporary revival of traditional culture, the realization of design aesthetics and cultural IP value, and the sustainable development of society, etc.; It includes product and service from the fields of souvenirs, stationery, packaging, fashion&clothing, tableware, furniture & lighting, social innovation, etc.

  • 2.Living Wisdom:

    It emphasizes life as the internal driving force, focusing on the wisdom in daily life, the intelligence of living appliances, and the care to vulnerable groups, etc.; It includes products and services from the fields of digital devices, household appliances, kitchen&bathroom, elderly care, mother&baby, toys&musical instrument, sports&leisure, disaster prevention, etc.

  • 3.Industrial Equipment:

    It emphasizes production as the internal driving force, focusing on the transformation and upgrading of industrial equipment, strategic development of emerging industries, efficiency optimization of production system, etc.;It includes products and services from the fields of transportation, medical, construction, agricultural & forestry, military, office, mechanical tools, etc.

  • 4.Digital Economy:

    It emphasizes digital as the internal driving force, focusing on the digital upgrading of agriculture, manufacturing and service industry, etc.; It includes digital products and services from the fields of smart city, smart business, smart medical care, smart education, smart community, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and block chain application.

Concept Group
The entry categories of Concept Group are same as those of Product Group. The annual theme of Concept Group is “Design Transformation”. Our world is becoming more and more inclusive and complex, and the mission of design is no longer limited in producing but in creating value, including personal value, social value and even the value of changing people’s future. DIA encourages bold innovation and looks forward to exploring the expression form, organization mode and subversive transformation of future design. DIA focuses on the theme of “Design Challenge for COVID-19” , which encourages designers to create and transcend themselves. The crisis will be a driving force for people to consider of design values and innovation transformation in the future. Designing for the world, creating the future.
DIA accepts entries through both public registration and expert nomination. Public registration entries will be reviewed in Preliminary Evaluation. Expert nomination entries approved by DIA Committee have the access to skip Preliminary Evaluation. To be fair, experts for nominating and judging will work independently. The same entry is not allowed to apply for both Product Group and Concept Group. Participants shall register/login via DIA official website (www.di-award.org).
Registration system is only open from Jan. 8, 2020 to July 6, 2020(24:00, UTC+8). Late submission will not be accepted. No registration fee will be charged. The logistics, insurance and customs clearance expenses incurred by participants shall be borne by themselves.
Entry Collection—Preliminary Evaluation—Results Announcement—Demo Video Submission—Second Evaluation—Results Announcement—Entry Delivery—Final Evaluation—Award Ceremony—DIA Exhibition
  • 01 Entry Collection Period
    Jan. 9, 2020 - July. 6, 2020
  • 02 Preliminary Evaluation
    July.13, 2020 - July. 24, 2020
  • 03 Results Announcement
    July 27, 2020
  • 04 Demo Video Submission
    July. 27, 2020 - Aug. 10, 2020
  • 05 Second Evaluation
    Aug. 17, 2020 - Aug. 28, 2020
  • 06 Results Announcement
    Aug. 31, 2020
  • 07 Entry Delivery
    Sept. 7, 2020 - Oct. 9, 2020
  • 08 Final Evaluation
    Oct. 18, 2020 - Oct. 19, 2020
  • 09 Award Ceremony
    Oct. 20, 2020
  • 10 DIA Exhibition
    Oct. 20, 2020 - Dec. 2020
“DIA Award” sets two groups of Product Group and Concept Group. Product Group sets Gold Award (2 Prizes, 1,000,000RMB/Prize), Silver Award (8 Prizes, 200,000RMB/Prize), Bronze Award (10 Prizes, 100,000RMB/Prize). Concept Group sets Future Talents Award(2 Prizes, 80,000RMB/Prize) and Young Talents Award(8 Prizes, 30,000RMB/Prize). Meanwhile, Honorable Mention (around 300 prizes) will be selected from both Product Group and Concept Group (the actual quantity shall be subject to the evaluation results). Several “Best Organization Award” will be added to commend the organizations that have made outstanding contributions in DIA collection and promotion.
DIA Award System
Product Group Concept Group
Gold Award
(2 Prizes, 1,000,000RMB/Prize)
Silver Award
(8 Prizes, 200,000RMB/Prize)
Bronze Award
(10 Prizes, 100,000RMB/Prize)
Future Talents Award
(2 Prizes, 80,000RMB/Prize)
Young Talents Award
(8 Prizes, 30,000RMB/Prize)
Honorable Mention
“Best Organization Award”
Questions About Enries Registration
2019 DIA Registration Instruction
Required Materials for Registration
PDF 20120DIA Instructions for Participants
1. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
2. Publicity and Confidentiality
3. Registration Information
4. Registration Qualification
5. Notifications and Feedbacks
6. Delivery
7. Return
8. Donation and Collection
9.The Final Evaluation and Award Ceremony
10. Certificates, Trophies and Bonuses
11. Participants shall be deemed to agree above terms once submitting the entry, and DIA committee reserves the right of final interpretation.
PDF 2020 DIA Disclaimers
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