DIA returns to the origin of design with human intelligence, advocates that design is “Intelligence of Humanity, Wisdom of Life, Fusion of Tech & Art, Brain of Industry”, and plays the role of bringing world-wide creativity to an intelligent future.
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PDF 2023 DIA Announcement
PDF 2023 DIA Guidelines for participants
Theme of the year
The theme of 2023 DIA focuses on "Design Evolution". The evolutionary history of design is a history of human life, and design exists in continuous evolution. The evolution of design is the evolution of practice in appearance, but the qualitative change in practice is the evolution of values and design thinking system. Design is constantly evolving in the interweaving of technology and concept; From hand-made in the handicraft age to industrial manufacturing in the industrial age, to manufacturing in the information age and intelligent manufacturing in the AI age, the way of design creation is constantly evolving. Design is evolving from meeting basic needs to creating new demands, from independent existence to integrated community. DIA hopes to take the past seven years as a window, and as we move towards the eighth year, it will link global designers to explore "design evolution", and touch the new patterns of design ontology evolution together in the era of rapid social changes and the world of continuous evolution.
Participating Entities
Both the Product Group and Concept Group are open to original works from individuals, enterprises, universities/colleges and institutions.
The Product Group is for design of products that have been commercially available for less than 2 years, or unlaunched products for which prototypes or samples can be provided for the Second Evaluation and the Final Evaluation. It is open to all kinds of design works such as product, software, integrated service, etc.
The Concept Group is for design ideas from all industries and sectors. Cross-border innovations are encouraged and there are no limitations in forms. Entries should represent the future trend, and physical prototype and videos that explain the conceptual ideas in details are required for the Second Evaluation and the Final Evaluation this year.
*The DIA Committee observes the right to adjust the group and category of entries.
Entry Categories
The Product Group and the Concept Group fall in the same entry category. The designs have the characteristics of inclusiveness and cross-domain. Entries of this category are mainly classified according to their core innovation points.
  • 1. Cultural Innovation:

    Recognizing and emphasizing culture as the internal driving force behind the idea, we look at the contemporary revival of traditional culture, the design crafting of the idea, the value created both in culture IP and the green sustainable development. This category is open to products and services from the fields of souvenirs and gifts, stationery, packaging, fashion and clothing, tableware, furniture and lighting, social innovation, etc.

  • 2. Life Wisdom:

    Recognizing the way we live as a driving force behind the idea, we look at the wisdom they bring to daily life, intelligent approaches to everyday appliances and how they care for vulnerable groups in society. This category is open to products and services from the fields of electronic and digital devices, household appliances, kitchenware and bathroom products, elderly care products, mother and baby products, personal care products, pets supplies, toys and musical instruments, sports and leisure products, disaster prevention and protection products, new technologies and new materials, etc.

  • 3. Industrial Equipment:

    Recognizing production as a driving force for the idea, we look at how equipment has been upgraded or transformed, how strategic new industries are emerging and how production systems are optimized for maximum efficiency. This category is open to products and services from the fields of transportation facilities, medical equipment, construction equipment, agriculture and forestry equipment, military equipment, office equipment, mechanical tools, robots, etc.

  • 4. Digital Economy:

    Recognizing data intelligence as the driving force behind the idea, we look at the digital transformation and upgrading of industry. This category is open to digital products and services from the fields of smart city, smart mobility, smart business, smart medical care, smart education, smart community, smart culture and tourism, industrial IOT, artificial intelligence and blockchain applications, etc.

DIA adopts the selection mechanism of direct application and expert nomination. Direct applications will be reviewed in the Preliminary Evaluation. Expert nominations, which have been approved by the DIA Committee, will directly enter the Second Evaluation. To ensure the impartiality, the experts who nominate the entries will not serve as the judges of their nominations. The same entry is not allowed to apply in both the Product Group and Concept Group. Participants should register/login via the DIA official website (www.di-award.org).
Entry Collection Period and Fees
The application system has been open from March.13, 2023 and will close on June. 30, 2023(24:00, UTC+8). Late submissions cannot be accepted. No application fee is charged. The logistic fee, insurance premium, customs duties and other expenses incurred in sending entries should be borne by applicants.
Entry Collection—Preliminary Evaluation—Entry Delivery—Second Evalutaion—DIA Exhibition—Final Evaluation—DIA Award Ceremony
  • 01 Entry Collection
    March.12, 2023 - June. 30, 2023
  • 02 Preliminary Evaluation
    July. 07, 2023 - July. 23, 2023
  • 03 Shortlisted Entry Delivery
    Aug. 21, 2023 - Sep. 01, 2023
  • 04 Second Evaluation
    Sep. 08, 2023 - Sep. 10, 2023
  • 05 DIA Exhibition
    Sep. 2023 - Oct. 2023
  • 06 Final Evaluation
    Nov. 2023
  • 07 DIA Award Ceremony
    Nov. 2023
The Awards are granted to the winners in both the Product Group and Concept Group. Gold Award (2 winners, RMB 1,000,000/winner), Silver Award (8 winners, RMB 200,000/winner) and Bronze Award (10 winners, RMB 100,000/winner) are set for the Product Group; The Future Talents Award (2 winners, RMB 80,000/winner) and the Young Talents Award (8 winners, RMB 30,000/winner) are set for the Concept Group; In addition, the Honorable Mention Award will be granted to about 300 entries selected from the two groups (the actual number of award winners is subject to the appraisal results).
DIA Award Setting
Product Group Concept Group
Gold Award
(2 Winners, 1,000,000RMB/Winner)
Silver Award
(8 Winners, 200,000RMB/Winner)
Bronze Award
(10 Winners, 100,000RMB/Winner)
Future Talents Award
(2 Winners, 80,000RMB/Winner)
Young Talents Award
(8 Winners, 30,000RMB/Winner)
Honorable Mention Awards
Questions About Entries Registration
DIA Registration Instruction
Required Materials for Registration
PDF 2023 DIA Instructions for Participants
1. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
2. Publicity and Confidentiality
3. Registration Information
4. Registration Qualification
5. Results Notification
6. Delivery
7. Return
8. Donation and Collection
9. Final Evaluation and DIA Ceremony
10. Certificates, Trophies and Bonuses
11. Participants shall be deemed to have agreed the above terms once submitting the entries. The DIA Committee reserves the right of final interpretation.
PDF 2023 DIA Disclaimers
2023DIA Disclaimers
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