DIA SILVER:Darwin Bucky 137

Owner Unit: Darwin Projects

Design Unit: Andblack Design Studio

Team Member: Abhay Mangaldas,Jwalant Mahadevwala


Darwin Bucky is a multifunctional prefabricated parametric exoskeleton that challenges the intrinsic immobility of conventional architecture. It’s a modular lightweight stand-alone (or clustered) structure that is ‘easy-to-plug-in’, at any location with minimal site impact. It can be assembled or dismantled in a few days and stored or transported in a shipping container. One can organize multiple events at Darwin Bucky or reuse it at multiple locations. It is a black box theater that can be an exhibition gallery, a town hall, a performance arena or even a nightclub. Furthermore, the artists can create a variety of display configuration and stage-spectator interactions in this versatile space while the audience benefits from a new experience with every visit. It matches the durability of a conventional building but doesn’t require a foundation / plinth, heavy equipment to transport or cranes to erect. It encapsulates a space with half the material required by conventional structures. The conical shape and triangulated planes provide structural stability with excellent acoustics. It has an integrated lighting, display and sound system that can connect to an external power source. Hence, it’s ideal for locations where road access is difficult, project timelines are short or excavation is undesirable.

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