DIA SILVER:eteeController 7

Owner Unit: TG0

Design Unit: TG0

Team Member: Ming Kong,Mick Lin,Saurav Ale,Pilar Zhang Qiu,Kiera Lin


Introducing eteeController, a groundbreaking innovation that's set to redefine the VR landscape. Experience a seamless transition from traditional buttons of the past to a natural gesture-based interface of the future, where individual finger movement and pressure are sensitively detected, offering a truly intuitive experience. eteeController comes with universal fit for all hand sizes, eliminating the constraints of gloves. With powerful embedded haptic motors and an unmatched 360-degree tracking angle provided by eteeTracker, we're taking immersion to new heights. With applications ranging from emulating an Xbox controller for PC gaming to immersive interactions in SteamVR, eteeController revolutionises the way we engage with the virtual world. Powered by TG0's cost-effective component assembly process and patented technology, our product offers affordability without compromising quality. Lightweight and compatible with existing trackers, eteeController promises an unparalleled user experience. Positioned strategically to tap into the booming VR market, we are not just revolutionising gaming but also making waves in fitness electronics and medical research using eteeController’s pressure sensing capabilities. Join us on this journey of innovation and experience a future where touch and pressure sensing smart polymer technology take centre stage with etee.

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