DIA HONORABLE MENTION:Teka Steakmaster Oven 6

Owner Unit: Teka Group

Design Unit: Teka Design Team & Workplane Design

Team Member: Leonardo Capelas Romeu,Nekane Sebastia,Josep Casal


The Steakmaster oven utilizes cutting-edge technology, such as high-intensity infrared (up to 700º) burners and precise temperature control, to create the perfect cooking environment for steak. It sears the meat quickly and efficiently, locking in all the juices and flavors, while ensuring a beautifully caramelized crust on the outside. It is the first and only oven that allows you to enjoy a restaurant-cooked steak in your home. This innovative product for meat lovers, developed by Teka in collaboration with experienced chefs, is the first and only oven capable of cooking a perfect steak just like a professional. Under the slogan“Restaurant quality steak at home", SteakMaster allows you to cook restaurant quality meat without leaving the house. The secret to cooking the perfect steak is hidden within three variables: practice and experience in the kitchen; tempering the meat before cooking it; and reaching high temperatures for an exquisite result.

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