DIA HONORABLE MENTION:Fondazione Luigi Rovati Platform 0

Owner Unit: Dotdotdot

Design Unit: Dotdotdot

Team Member: Laura Dellamotta,Alessandro Masserdotti,Nicola Buccioli,Mirko Balducci,Daniele Ciminieri


Fondazione Luigi Rovati Platform by Dotdotdot is an Integrated Digital Infrastructure where the Digital User Experience and the Digital Governance works together with a system integrated approach: a location-based audio guide offers a seamless innovative experience, while an interconnected back-office system helps to monitor and innovate museum's offerings. Fondazione Luigi Rovati Platform is a custom-designed digital system which combines content, management tools and relevant information into a single customisable platform. First of its kind in the world of culture, this totally integrated system unleashes 4 innovations: an adaptable visit customised on visitors' needs; a fluid experience that enable to explore museum contents minimising the interaction with devices (when entering a room, audio-track is automatically broadcasted, thanks to the beacons infrastructure and no interaction is needed); an integrated and scalable system which ease the orchestration and integrations (services such as a CMS to manage guide contents, and API to interchange data with other softwares for collection management or ticketing); a data-driven management system which - by collecting informations during the experience and providing a dashboard to aggregate/analyse anonymised data about visitors flows - returns the real needs of visitors, enabling the improvement of the cultural offer over time.

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