DIA HONORABLE MENTION:Mireille Steinhage 1

Owner Unit: Mireille Steinhage

Design Unit: Mireille Steinhage

Team Member: Mireille Steinhage


'Solar Blanket' is a solar-powered heated blanket designed to provide warmth and address the challenges faced by disadvantaged individuals. It targets those struggling to heat their homes due to rising living costs and energy prices, as well as homeless or emergency aid recipients. Harnessing solar power, 'Solar Blanket' generates electricity, reducing reliance on conventional energy sources. It efficiently directs heat towards the user, preserving energy and preventing wasteful heating of large spaces. The blanket functions best as a warming layer to sit or lie down on. Its pleated design allows heat to focus on one person when folded and multiple when expanded. To function, it connects to a power bank, which can be charged using a solar panel. This off-grid feature promotes self-sufficiency, making it portable and suitable for various environments. 'Solar Blanket' emphasizes the need for sustainable choices and inclusivity, offering a comfortable solution for all.

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