DIA HONORABLE MENTION:Urethane Ball for Evaluating Others and Self 2

Owner Unit: KANSEI DESIGN Co., Ltd.

Design Unit: Kook YunHyeong

Team Member: Kook YunHyeong,Okazaki Akira


This tool, based on the principle of patient-centered care, offers an intuitive way to assess interpersonal dynamics. It is constructed with a core material (resin) enclosed by a covering material (urethane resin). The covering material's softness is evaluated on a five-level scale, while the core's shape variations from a sphere to a form with 14 protrusions across five levels. The tool aims to facilitate the assessment of emotions and relationships between patients and healthcare providers without the need for words, particularly in challenging medical situations. It is designed to bridge the communication gap when patients struggle to convey their psychological and sensory experiences. In addition, involving professionals like ward psychologists can further enhance the precision of this assessment, fostering effective communication and contributing to patient-centered care in medical settings.

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