DIA HONORABLE MENTION:mobile supermarket Tokushimaru 4

Owner Unit: Tokushimaru inc.

Design Unit: Graphic Design Studio Kisaragisha

Team Member: Shingu,Sumitomo


Tokushimaru is a mobile supermarket for elderly people who find it difficult to do their daily shopping. In cooperation with local supermarkets and private entrepreneurs (sales partners), they load 400 types of fresh food and 1,200 daily necessities onto small trucks with refrigeration functions and go to the customer's doorstep to sell them. Approximately 1,150 vehicles are in operation throughout Japan (as of end-September 2023). Each vehicle makes regular visits to about 150 people, serving more than 170000 people. Agreements have been concluded with local authorities and police stations, and in parallel with sales, the vehicles also carry out activities to look after the elderly and the local community.

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