Conventional LED light focused on practicality to illuminate objects, but NIGHT BOOK uses LED light as a means to move your mind. In the era of mass production mass consumption, NIGHT BOOK suggests a good relationship between people and industrial products. POINT1: Make New experiences arising from the new way to use and new place to install. This LED light is specialized in impressing the users' mind. It makes a cultural impact. ・A surprise that light spreads from the books. ・An experience as if you were touching light directly. ・You can put the light unprecedented places like between books. POINT2: This LED light is loved for a long time. Unlike other mass‐produced goods, This light is designed for the purpose of being used and loved for a long time. ・A LED have a low power consumption and a super long life. ・The shape based on a book makes you feel affection. ・The back cover part, Craftsmen carefully paste natural leather one by one. When you use it long time, the leather becomes darker to aging, like your favorite books. POINT3: A high-quality light with a thin body. We invented a high-quality light that makes people comfortable with a thin body. ・Combine 2 LED LIGHT GUIDE PLATES back to back. As a result, BOTH SIDE SURFACE LIGHT shines with a thin body. ・LED LIGHT GUIDE PLATE provides uniform surface light. It is not dazzling, but illuminating environment softly.

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