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Owner Unit: Aura Pendant

Design Unit: Aura Pendant

Team Member: Eduardo Dias , Guto Requena , Edson Pavoni , Jõao Marcos


Aura Pendant is a project by Estudio Guto Requena + D3. Aura Pendant is an app that makes emotional data tangible using sensors on the phone to capture biofeedback as you narrate your own love story. An experience at the intersection of design, science, and technology, the project creates a future where unique products carry intimate personal histories. We believe in objects imbibed with Affective Sustainability: the idea that if our objects have a more profound emotional context, they will last longer in our lives. Aura Pendant seeks to include the consumer in the creation process, democratizing and demystifying the use of digital technologies. Download the app (Aura Pendant at the Apple Store). Find a calm and quiet place. Cover the cellphone camera with the index finger. Put on your earplugs, relax, and tell your love story. The app will capture the emotions in the voice and measure your heartbeat through the pulse in your finger. The emotional data collected will control the behavior of particles (velocity, thickness, attraction, and repulsion) to shape the jewelry. At the end of the narrative, take your finger off the camera. A unique design will emerge in the shape of a Mandala. With 3D printing technology, we will craft a pendant and deliver it. Each Mandala is singular and unique, and no shape will ever be repeated because it contains the most intimate emotional data in the love narrative. Aura Pendant can be produced in 3 different pure metals: 18k gold (U$ 499), rose gold (U$ 349) and silver (U$89).


Combination of technology and emotion gives full play to the advantages of 3D printing technology. It provides a very personalized and innovative design service for public.

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